Saturday, January 27, 2007

Uppliappan, Thiru Naryayoor, Tirucherai, Adhanoor, Thirupullam Boodhankudi and Kavi sthalam. Kumbakonam..

Following is list of temples belonging to 8-10th century in Kumbakonam area. the place u can call as a temple town. Our option of temples were important Siva temples numbering 276 and 108 Divya Desam.

We visited these temples during christmas holidays of 2006. Spent 1 full week covering these temples with base at Kumbakonam. Preferred mode of transport for visiting these temples is to hire a taxi with a local driver.

Importantly remember all temples are closed during 12:00 - 16:00hrs. The approx cost for a group of 5 people hiring a taxi is Rs.3000 which included taxi and food.

We stayed at my brother's place which saved the boarding expense. Boarding expense in Kumbakonam is moderate.I have separated the Siva Devara sthalam and Vainava Divya Desam on 2 different heading. One can still find our complete tour visits in my blog heading as "Ancient temples".

The temples are very old. They were visited by Azwars who sung hymns praising Lord (Renowned devotees, who composed hymns in praise of lord)and experienced the nearness of the respective lord. we were able to cover a part of the list of temples which we planned. I only hope we will be able to see rest of places also.

  1. Uppiliappan Koil:

    This is one of 108 important Divya desam Maha vishnu temple also known as Oppiliappan Koil 7 kms from Kumbakonam

    Main deity: Oppiliappan, his Consort Bhuma devi.

    As per purana, Bhuma devi-Daughter of Markandeya rishi, marries Mahavishnu and cooks food for him without salt.Hence upillada perumal. Prasadam is Curd rice.

    Importance: Salted food is prohibited in the temple premises.

  2. Thirunarayoor: Vishnu temple.

    This is one of 108 Divya Desam: 5kms from kumbakonam.

    Main deity: Thiru Nariyur Nambi in standing posture. Consort Vanjulavalli
    in bride posture. Teertham: Mani mutha teertham.

    Importance: Personal appearance of God for Meydavi muni and Brahama. Another important thing to be seen in this temple is Garuda is made of stone. Festival Garuda seva is world famous here.

    Starting of garuda seva only 4 persons lift it and gradullay number of persons double to every door finally the number lands to 64 in number. The reason why the no. of people carrying the diety increases is at every stage the wieght of the stone Garuda increases (unknown reason). Same way the number of persons decrease on return of the diety to moola sthanam. Ambal in Hamsa vahana.

  3. Thirucherai Temple:

    This is One of the 108 divya desam.

    Theertham: Sara theertham, Vimanam: Saravimanam.

    Main deity saranadha perumal in standing posture and his consort saranayaki Thayar Perumal is giving darshan with five of his consorts, "Sridevi, Bhoodevi, Neeladevi, Mahalakshmi Saranayagi".This place is known as "Panchasarashetram".

  4. Adhanoor: Vishnu temple

    This is one of 108 divya desam. The place is about 3kms from Swami malai.

    Main deity: Andalakumayan and Ranganayaki. Lord in the form of Bujayanga sayanam ie. in sleeping posture. One can see the measure under his head as a pillow and in left hand he has palm leaf and pin. Teertham: Surya pushkarani.

    Importance: Thiru mangaiAzawar and Kamadenu near the feet of the lord which is unusual.

  5. Thirupullam Boodhamkudi: Vishnu Temple.

    this is one of 108 divya desam. The place is about 5kms from Swamy malai.

    Main Deity: Valvil Raman and Portamaraial or Hemambujavalli.Bujanga sayanam. (sleeping posture) Teertham: Jhatau teertham and Kruthra teertham.

    Importance: Vishnu’s posture here in the temple is like taking rest after granting the eternal bliss to Jhatau..This happens when sita was in Lanka so u find Bhooma devi with him,so that he can perform the religious rituals for Jhatau. Utsava vighara is Rama with four hands.

  6. Kavisthalam: Vishnu Temple.

    This is one of 108 divya desam and also known as pancha Krishna kshetram.The place is about 3kms from papanasam.

    Main Deity: Gajanderan Varadhan and his consort known as Ramamani valli thayar. Teertham is Gajandra pushkarani and Kapila teertham.

    Importance: When gajandra was caught by the crocodile while drinking water in the pond he took the name of lord Vishnu to rescue him, he surrendered himself with full dedication and vishnu was pleased and rescued Gajendra.

  7. Thirukoodaloor:

    This is One of 108 Divya Desam The temple is located at, Tanjore to Ganapathy Agraharam.

    Main Deity: Jagadhrakshan and Thayar Padmasini,standing posture.

    Teertham: cauveri and Chakra teertham.

    Importance: The place where Nandaga muni and devas performed puja was washed away by floods. Rani Mangammal dreamt about the renovation of temple and she renovated it. Another important thing to observe is there is shanku formation in the sthalavruksham.