Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Govardhana Giri & Rukmani Kalyanam.

  1. Govardhan :

    The hill Govardhan is popularly known as “Giriraj”.

    Purana says Govardhan Mountain is son of Dronachala Mountain. Once when Pulasthya Maharisii was passing through Dronachala Mountain, he was attracted by the fame of Govardhana Mountain. He wanted to take the Guardian Mountain to Varnasi and meditate there. So he requested Pulasthya Maharishi to permit him to take his son Govardhana Mountain. Dronachala Mountain agreed to send. Pulasthya Maharisi had to agree, to a condition of Govardhan. He should not rest him any where in the middle of his journey. Otherwise, he will stay back at the place he was rested by Maharishi.

    Pulasthiya Rishi agreed and lifted the Mountain to shoulder with his power of “Thapas” (penance). When they were proceding towards Varnasi, they had to cross Vrindhavan.

    Govardhan Mountain became heavy due the vibration and thought of Krishna leela while crossing Brindvan. Maharishi was tired and he rested the Govardhana Mountain here, in Kamyavanam. After sometime when he lifted the hill he was not able to do it due to the agreement between them.

    Maharisi in anger cursed the mountain to gradually become smaller in size. Every year Govardhana Giri looses its height by size of a “Thill.” Now the height of the Govardhana Mountain is only 80’.

    Previously people residing here, used to prepare and offer variety of food in large quantity to Indra. Kannan convinced the residence residing there, to offer food hereafter to Govardhana Giri which is full of herbs and medicinal plant which helps in growth of cow.

    Indra became angry by this change in offering to Govardhana Giri. Rain started pouring heavily for seven days, Krishna lifted up Govardhana Giri as an umbrella to give shelter for cows and people living there.

    Parikrama around the Govardhana giri is about 21kms distance. There are some places to see when we go around.

  2. Kusum Sarovar:

    Kusum Sarovar from where Lord Krishna used to pluck flowers and give them to Gopika’s. There is a sanctum for Uttdavar near the sarovar. Uttdavar came to this place to see Kannan, and he was pleased at the surrounding and the vibration there.

  3. Govinda kund :

    Main entrance known as Vallabacharya dwar, leads us to Govind Kund. We have to walk a little to Govind kund from here.

    Govind kund.

    After having darshan of Govind Kund, we had to walk about 5-6 kms to reach the Govardhana Giri.

  4. During our stay at Brindavan for Bagavadha sapthagam on 6th day Annakooda utsavam was celebrated in front of Govardhana Giri.

    This is the ground in front of Govardhana giri, where Annakooda utsavam was performed.

    Here Lord Krishna was decorated like Govardhan Giridhar.

    Gathering at Annakooda Utsavam.

    Peacock dance

    Peacock dance

    We had few cultural programs in the evening in the ground. There was a Music program and Dance program by local residence. The peacock dance performance was really good and everyone enjoyed the dance.

    A stone from the mountain was taken and installed on a dais representing Govardhana Giri.

    starting abishekam was with water for Govardhana Giri

    We see abishekam with milk for Govardhna Giri.

    Next we see abishekam with Sandal paste for Govardhana Giri.

    Nakshatra Aarathi Given for Govardhana Giri after the completion of abishekam.

    Sodasoupacharam was done and variety of offerings were given to Govardhana giri here.We were thrilled while watching the function.

    When food offering was refused to Indra, he was hungry and he poured down heavy rain to punish them. Govardhana Giri was lifted by Kannan to protect cows and others. Indra realised his mistake and performed Govinda pattbishekam for Govardhana Giri and Kannan. Since the cow and calves were protected by Kannan, he was known as Govindan.

  5. Rukmani Kalyanam :

    Last day Rukmani kalyanam was celebrated in the morning. Sankalpam was done by every one of us who joined the yatra. All rituals were performed as we do in marriages.

    Main entrance of the ground, were Rukmani kalyanam was performed.

    Devotees assembled to take part in Rukmani Kalyana Utsavam function.

    Rukmani and lord Krishna decorated for the kalyana utsava function in bridal dress.

    Offerings like variety of fruits, dry frits, flowers, and Garland along with clothing displayed in Kalyana Mandapam.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Kamyavanam, Mathura.


The place Kamyavanam is about 75 Kms from Brindavan. It is in Rajasthan border. There are about 12 forest of which Kamyavanam is one. Gopika’s love (Kama) Krishna, very much. Their extreme love towards Lord Krishna was considered as Bakthi. It is like the, relation between Jeevathama and Paramathama. Hence the place is known as Kamyavanam. This is another place Lord Krishna as a kid, played with his friends

  1. Vyomasuran cave :

    This place is Indrasena hill. Vyomasuran was appointed by Kamsa to kill Kannan. When Kannan and his friends were playing hide and seek game Vyomasuran, took the form of small boy and joined with them to play. While playing, Vyomasuran guided them to hide in this cave. Lord Krishna came to know about this. He fought with Vyomasuran and rescued his friends.

    Balaram in anger pressed his legs on the hill. Balaam’s footprint is seen here.

    On the top of the hill there is a small sanctum where footprints and palm is seen. It is believed to be Lord Krishna’s prints.

  2. Lukaluka kund :

    Kannan (Lord Krishna) and his friends used to play in water of this Lukaluka kund, when they go out with their cows. Once Just for fun Kannan jumped into the water and went deep inside. His friends were worried about Kannan, looking at their tension he appeared on the small hill beside, playing his flute.
    We had darshan of the kund from top of the hill.

  3. Charan Pahadi :

    This is the place where Krishna appeared from Lukaluka Kund. We have to climb about 200 steps to reach the hill top.

    Here there is a small sanctum in which we can see the foot print of Lord Krishna and near by foot print of calf.

  4. Bojan Thali Mandir:

    This is the place where we find the plate and the bowl which Kannan used.

    Here there is a sanctum for Radha Krishnar.

    After the Vyomasuran vadam Kannan had his bath in this Ksheera sagaram and had his food.

    Here we see the plate which he used.

    Here we see the bowl which he used for drinking keer.

  5. Pilasini sila:

    This place is to the other side of Indrasena hill. We have to walk bout 1.5 kms to reach this place. Here we find a small hill.

    We had to climb up the hill and then slide from that place.

    This is the place were Kannan and his friends used to slide and play in the day time when they come out with their cows to graze.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Temples of Brindavan, Mathura.

  1. Dwadasa Aditya Deela:

    Krishna was inside the water for a long time with kaliyan and he was feeling cold.
    This is the place where Lord Krishna sat and relaxed here on the small hillock after he took control of Kaliyan.

    At this place twelve Adithyar came down and requested Krishna, to permit them to worship him. Krishna agreed to their request. Sun’s heat made him sweat and started flowing down and it became a small pond known as Praskandana teertham. Here on the top we see Radha Madan Mohan Mandir.

    One has to climb steps to reach the temple.

    The temple structure looks beautiful.
    Main deity is Radha Krishnar.

  2. Radha Damodhar Temple :

    Main Deity is Radha Damodhar.

    Here within the temple from side as we go around it is leading to Adishtanam of many saints.

  3. Kopaeswarar Temple :

    This is Lord Siva temple in Brindavan.

    Main Deity is Siva lingam known as Kopaeswarar. Siva Lingam is to ground level and everyone is allowed to perform Abishekam.

    As we go around the main sanctum we seeLord Siva and Parvathy sculpture to back wall of sanctum.

    There is a separate sanctum for Annapoorani and Bairavar in the temple.

    Purana says Lord Siva wanted to see and enjoy Rasaleela of Radha and Krishna. Male members are not allowed to see this. Lord Siva dressed up like a girl and watched Rasaleela, he was too exited and Radha found it was male member. She became angry. Lord Krishna knew it was Lord Siva, and he tried to console her and make her realize it was Lord Siva.

    Lord Siva said since male members are forbidden to enter he had to come like a women to watch and enjoy the Rasaleela. Lord Krishna was pleased and he requested Lord Siva to stay in Brindavan for ever and enjoy Rasaleela.

    Here the evening Siva Lingam is decorated (alankaram) as a women.

  4. Govindaji Mndir

    Main entrance of Govindaji mndir..

    Inner hall of the temple and sanctum

  5. Iscon Temple

    Main Entrance of Iscon Temple.

    Swami Prabhu pada

    Sri Gowr Nithayee

    Lord Krishna and Balaram.

    From Temples of Brindawan

    Radha and Shyam Sundar.

    Yasodha and Nandalala

  6. Radha Krishna Temple :

    This temple of Radha Krishna is like a South Indian temple with Gopuram and Dwajasthmbam.

    View of Inner sanctum entrance.

    Garudazwar is seen near the Dwajasthambam.

    Students of Veda patasala are chanting Vedas in the temple.