Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thiru Kurungkudi Temple, Thirunelveli.

  1. Thiru Kurungkudi: Vamana Kshetram.

    This is one of 108 Divaya Desam Temple.
    The place Kurungkudi is 47 kms from Thirunelveli Town.
    The main Gopuram is of five storeys and five prakarams.

    Main deity is known as Sri Azhagiya Nambi, with Sridevi and Bhoodevi.
    Kurugkudivalli Thayar is seen in different sanctum.

    Here we see in the prakaram Nidra Nambi and Kidantha Nambi in separate sanctums. In-between the two sanctums there is a sanctum for Lord Siva and Bairavar also.

    Purana Says, during the time of Varaha Avatar Lord stayed with Sridevi and Bhoodevi in this place for sometime, and he shrunk his huge size to small one so the place came to be known as Kurungkudi.

    There is a place known as Mahendragiri to west of Kurungkudi, where lived a backward cast person named Nambaduvan. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Nindra Nambi and used to visit temple and worship from outside. Those days backward class people were not allowed inside the temple.

    One day when he was on his way to temple, and he was stopped by an asura to have him as meal. Nambaaduvan requested the Asura to allow him to worship, Lord Nindra Nambi and then he will be back to be a meal for him. Asura did not believe his words, so Nambaaduvan promised on the name of Lord. Asura left him.

    On his way to temple Nambaaduvan thought probably this was his last visit to temple; as usual he worshipped Lord from out side the main entrance. He was sad about not having the darshan of Lord for this lifetime.

    The Dwajasthambam moved a little away, for him to have the glimpse of Nindra Nambi. Nambaaduvan had a good drshan and he left the place to meet Asura as per the promise he gave. Lord as an old brahmin met him on his way back and asked him to divert his route, but Nambaaduvan refused to do so.

    He was strict in keeping to his words, and old Brahmin was not able to convince him so he revealed himself to Nambaaduvn. When he went to Asura, place he said he is not feeling hungry, but I want the blessing which you acquired from Lord. Nambaaduvan refused to give him; asura said he should give him at least quarter portion for him to get out of this Asura form.

    Asura was back to his normal form by Nambaaduvan’s help. This was on an Ekadasi day which is named as Kaisika Ekadasi. Even now they play the story of Kaisika puranam as a drama.

    This is the mukthi place of Thirumangai Azwar. Lord was born as Namazwar in this place to the couple, Kari and his wife Udaya Nangayar. Acharya Ramanujar called out Vaduga Nambi as he used to call his deciple. Nindra Nambi came as Vaduga Nambi and helped him with his hand box.

    Ramanujar went inside to worship Lord inside the sanctum at this time Vaduga Nambi crossed him went inside the temple first. When Ramanujar went inside he did not see Vaduga Nambi following him and he understood that Nindra nimbi was acting as Vaduga Nambi all these while.

    So, perumal here, known as Vaduga Nambi from then.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vanama malai Perumal Temple, Nanguneri, Thirunelveli.

  1. Nanguneri Vanamamalai Perumal Temple

    This is one of 108 Divya Desam. The temple is about 1500 BC, years old and later it was renovated by Pandya and Nayakar kings. This is a Swayamvektha Ksheram.

    The place is about 33 kms to south of Thirunelveli.
    The place is also known as Sri Varamangai, Totadri kshetram

    Main deity is Swayam vektha Vanamalai Perumal, with Sridevi and Bhoodevi in sitting posture. Urchavar is known as DevainayakanThayar Serivara mangai Nachiar is seen in different sanctum. Indra Pushkarani is the holy pushkarani of this place.

    We see other deities like Chakkratt azwar, Lakshmi, Sri Ramar, Andal, Garudan, Azwars, udayavar, Venu gopalan, and Manavalama munigal, in seperate sanctums as we go round the temple prakaram.

    Purana says when Asurs Madhu and Kaitapan were killed, their blood spread over the earth and started stinking. Bhooma Devi lost her purity, and she started meditating about Perumal who was pleased with her prayers, and he gave his darshan to her in Vaikunda Vimanam at this place. She was purified by Lord’s darshan.

    King of Sindhu land was cursed by Kusasana Muni, and he was roaming like a dog. Finally it reached this place and had a dip in the Chetru Thamarai Pushkarani. (Pushkarani with lotus flowers and the water is muddy). The dog came to its original form and worshipped here.

    The urchava idol of Thayar was in the temple of Vada Venkatam. Once they were arranging for marriage celebration of Venkatesa Perumal with the urchava idol. Sri Varamangai came in the dream of Sri jeeyar swamigal, and told him she is consort of Vanama malai Perumal.

    Sri Ramanuja jeeyar brought the urchava idol to this place and celebrated the marriage utsavam of Sri Vanamalai Perumal and Sri Varamangai

Monday, February 08, 2010

Thirukkolur and Azwar Thirunagari, Thirunelveli.

  1. Thirukkolur:

    One of Nava Thirupathy related to kuja graham, and Divya Desam temple.
    The sthalam is about 2kms distance from Azwar Thirunagari.

    Here we see main deity Vaithama nidhiin sleeping posture on Adiseshan with his right hand pointing towards his face and his left handing pointing towards ground.The measure is seen as a pillow here which was used to measure the wealth of Kubera. The hand that pointing towards him means that navanidhi (wealth) is with him.

    Urchavar is known as Nithya pavithran in standing posture with Sridevi and Bhoodevi thayar. There are two sanctums seen separately for Kolurvalli and Kumudha Valli Thayar. Teertham is Kubera teertham and river Thamirabarani.

    The main Gopuram is mottai gopuram and as we enter we see Dwajasthambam and Garudazwar in small sanctum facing the Lord in the main sanctum. Yoga Narashimar is seen at the back of the main sanctum.

    Purana says once Kuberan went to Kailas to see Lord Siva, there he lost himself for a minute in the beauty of Parvathy, who cursed him for the act, and said all his Nava nidhi, (wealth)and his eye sight will be lost.

    When Navanidhi left Kubera, they came to Thirukkolur, and they were in the custody of Lord Vishnu. Kubera felt sorry for his act and asked a way to get out of this curse to Goddess Parvathy. He was asked to reach this kshetram of Thirukkolur on the bank of River Thamirabarani, and worship Lord Vishnu.

    Kubera came to this place and worshipped Lord Vishnu here. He got back part of his Navanidhi (wealth) from Lord Vishnu hence the lord here is known as Vaithamanidhi. Saying is someone who loose their property can worship Lord here and get back their wealth.

  2. Azwar Thiru Nagari:

    Thirukurugoore, One of Nava Tirupathy for Brahaspathy graham, and Divayadesam temple. The place is 6 kms distance from Thirunelveli on the banks of River Thamirabarani. The main gopuram is of 5 stories, with three prakarams.

    Main deity is Swayambu Sri Adi Nadha Perumal in standing posture with prayoga chakkram in hand. Thayar Adinadha Valli, and Thyar Kurugoor valli in two different sanctums.

    Sthala vruksham is Tamarind tree. River Thamirabarani and Brama teertham are the sthala teertham of this place.We see Dwajasthambam, garudazwar and proceed inside to left we see Venugopalan sanctum.

    Sthala purana says Brahma was asked to worship Adi nadha perumal of this place before starting his creations of living beings on earth.
    Adinadha perumal is Guru for Brahma, the guru of creations and hence, the place is known as Kurugoore.

    Bhooma Devi was rescued by Lord Vishnu as Varaha moorthy in this place so the place is considered as Varaha Kshetram.

    Some thing unique in the temple is there is tamarind tree, with leaves always fresh.(Does not sleep). They say Lakshmana is the tamirand tree in this Yuga waiting for Nammazwar for long years and the place is also known as Sesha kshetram.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Then Thiruperai, Nava tirupathy, Thirunelveli.

  1. Then Thiruperai:

    One of 108 Divyadesam and one of NavaTirupathy.

    The place is important for Sukra graham.
    The place is about 7 kms distance to Azwar Thiru Nagari on River Thamirabarani.

    There is an outer mandapam with sculpture to pillars. We cross Dwajasthambam and have the darshan of Garudazwar in a small sanctum, which is a little away to the side, facing main deity in sanctum.

    Main Deity “Magra nedung kuzhai nadhar”, in veer asanam posture.(sitting with his left leg folded). “Kuzai kadha valli Thayar” and “Thiruperai Nachiar” are seen in different separate sanctums. We see Brugu Muni and Markendayer to either side in front of main deity inside the sanctum.

    Urchavar here is known as “Nigaril mugil vannan” with “Sridevi and Bhoodevi”. Teertham is Sukra pushkarani.

    Purana: Once when Hiranyakshiban kidnapped Bhoodevi and Perumal rescued her from the asura, after a fight with him Vishnu blessed her and placed her on his lap. Bhoomadevi felt happy and was in trance.

    Meantime Sridevi was looking out for Lord Vishnu, and she found Bhoodevi and Vishnu together and felt jealousy. She asked “Doorvasa Muni” to help her in getting back Lord Vishnu to her place.

    came to the place where Lord Vishnu was and since Bhoodevi was in trance and did not respect Muni. Bhoodevi was cursed by muni, and she asked for a way to get rid of it to him.

    She was asked to penance here in "Then Thiruperai" reciting “Narayana Manthram”. After long years of penance one day she saw huge Kundalam in the shape of a fish. As she offers everything to Lord Vishnu, she offered the Kundalam also to him which he wore and stayed back in the place and was known as “Nedung kuzhai nadhan”. He gave Lakshmi

    Devi’s features to her, and hence the place is known as Thiruperai.
    Once Samudra rajan, did not respect Varunan, so, he lost his kingdom and his weapon Pasam. Asuras came to fight with Varunan; he was unable to fight against them.

    Deva guru asked him to penance at "Then Thiruperai", and get back his weapon and kingdom which he lost. Varuna did as he was told. He was blessed by Lord, who poured water in his hand which turned out to be Pasam, (weapon) which was given to Varunan.

    He is known as “Mugil vannan” from then on.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Soranadha Perumal of Nava Thirupathy, Perungkulam, Thirunelveli.

  1. Perungkulam: Nava Thirupathy temple.

    This place is one of the 108 Divya Desam temples and Sani sthalam for Navagrha sthalam.

    This place is about 10 kms distance from Sri Vaikundam town, on the banks of River Thamirabarani.

    There is a pushkarani near the temple. To the right side there is Sreenivasar sanctum with Hanuman. We see Dwajasthaambam as we enter inside. There is a sanctum for Manavala ma munigal.

    Main deity is Sreenivasan known as Soranadha Perumal in standing posture and thayar, Alarmelmangai and Kulandhaivalli thayar.

    Perumal has Prayaoga chakkra and Sanku in two upper hands and the other two as Varadha hastham pointing towards his feet (surrender to him) and other as Kadi Hastham touching his knee.

    Urchavar is known as Maya Koothan, with Sridevi and Bhoodevi. Teertham is Prungkulam teertham. Here Garudan is seen along with perumal

    Purana: Once the place was known as Thadaga Vanam. A brhimin named Vedasaran worshipped Soranadha Perumal here for a child. With the blessings of Perumal he had a child and named her Kamalavathy.

    As she grew old he wanted her to get married. Kamalavathy was not interested in getting married and leading a normal life, so she left to forest to penance and marry the Lord himself.

    Perumal was pleased with her penance and accepted her as his consort. The forest is known as Balika vanam.

    Once, Vedasaran’s wife Kumudavalli was kidnapped by an asura. Vedasaran was worried and pleaded perunmal to help him. Perumal wanted to help his devotee, so he killed the asura and danced on him hence, he was called as Soranadha Perumal.

    Brahaspathi and Vedasaran worshipped perumal of this place and were blessed.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Erattai Thirupathy

Tholaivilli Mangalam:

Two temples together are known as Erattai Tirupathy dedicted for Raghu and Kethu. When nectar was distrubted among Devas and Asuras, two of the asuras were in the Devar group and got the nectar from Vishnu, who punished him but they were given the posts as Grahams.

That is the reason why there are two temples with different deities for both relating to the place of Raghu and Kethu.

One is Tholaivillai Mangalam Devarbiran and the other one is Tholaivilli Manglam Aravindha Lochanan.

  1. Devarbiran temple:

    This place is one of 108 Divya Desam, it is fourth temple of Nava tirupathy known as Erattai Thirupathy, and the Kshetram is reffered to Kethu Bagawan.

    The place is about 34 kms from Thirunelveli, And 3 kms from Azwar Thirunagari. The temple is near River Thamirabarani with two Prakaram.

    Main deity is known as Devarbiran in standing posture and Thayar known as Karunthadak kanni. Teertham is Varuna teertham, and River Thamirabarani. Sthala vruksham of the temple is known as Vila maram.

    As we enter into the temple we see Dwajsthambam, and Garudazwar in a small sanctum near it facing main deity Deverbiran in the sanctum.

    is seen with Sanku and chakra in two hands, and the other two hands as Abhya varadha hastham and Kadi hastham. Thirumagal to his heart so there is no separate sanctum for Thayar in this temple. Urchavar is seen as Sreenivasan with Sreedevi and Bhoodevi here.

    Importance in this temple is one who worship the Lord of this place the soul attains Mukthi.

    Purana : Once a Gandrava named Vidyadharan and his wife were deeply immersed in love at this place and they did not respect Deva Guru who was passing over the place. He was annoyed and cursed them to become Thulai and Vill. (thulai means Tharusu, balance).

    Once they were out into normal state they realized their mistake, they worshipped Guru and asked for remedy to get out of his curse. He asked them to stay as Thulai and Vill inside the mud and penance at the place known as Kethara Nilayam

    When a muni by name Suprabar, visits the place and clean the place for
    Yagnam to be performed by him, he will find you in the cleaning process and the moment he lifts you will be back to your form.

    As it was predicted Suprabar muni choose this place for his yagnam and he found Thulai and villi, when he took it in hand turned out as gandarva and his wife. Since the Devas (Gandravas) did their penance and blessed, the place was known as Devarbiran. Muni Suparabar requested Lord to stay in this place and bless devotees.

  2. Aravindalochanan:

    This is one of the temples of Erattai Tirupathy and is considered important for Ragu Bagawan. This temple is near Devarbiran temple.

    Main deity is known as Aravindalochanan, Chentamarai kannan and his consort Karundhadang Kanni. Teertham is Aswini teertham.

    Purana says Muni Suparabar was worshipping Devarbiran with Lotus flowers with good fragrance, which Lord liked. He followed the muni to find the place from where he was getting the flowers for him.

    When he saw the place he was happy and wanted to stay back in the place. Muni built a temple for him and worshipped him daily as he did for Devarbiran. Since the lord liked Lotus flower and his eyes are like Lotus he is known as Chentamarai Kannan.

    When Avirbagam (things which are included in Homam) is given it was taken by Devas. Aswini Devars did not get any Avirbagam. He complained and was asked to penance and worship Aravindalochanan. As a result they were blessed and given Avirbhagam. Since they were using the pushkarni it was named after them.

    As per Bramanda puranam Sathya seelar was living near River Ganges. He had three sons and one of his sons Vepidhakan was suffering of leprosy. Naradha muni asked him to have a dip in Aswini teertham at Tholaivili Mangalam and worship Aravindalochanan.
    Vepidhakan did as he told. He recovered and attained moksha.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Vara Gunamangai of Nava Tirupathy, Nattham, Thirunelveli

  1. Varaguna mangai:

    This place is popularly known as Nattham. This is 2nd kshetram of Nava Tirupthy and one of 108 Divya Desam.

    The place is important for Chandra Graham. The kshetram is considered as Mokshapuri. The temple is near the bank of River Thamirabarani, about 2kms distance from Sri Vaikundam.

    Main deity is Sri Visayasana perumal in sitting posture on Adiseshan with his consort Varaguna mangai. We see Sridevi and Bhoodevi inside the main sanctum. There is no separate sanctum for Thayar in this place.Teertham is Agni teertham.

    The main Raja gopurm is of 5 stories. There is a Dwajasthambam as we enter in. There is a small separate sanctum for Garuda near the Dwajasthambam facing Perumal inside the sanctum.

    Azwars and Achayars are seen inside in the mandapam here. They say the soul attains Moksha, when death occurs here.

    Purana: Romesa Muni was penancing here in this place for a long time with his disciple. There was a greedy fisherman living in the same place. He was hated by the villagers.

    One day he died due to snake bite and his soul as a jyothi left for moksha which was witnessed by the desiple of Romesa muni. He was surprised and he went to his guru and asked for an explanation.

    Guru told in his previous birth fisher man was King of Vidarpa desam, and due to his bad company he had the birth of fisherman in his next janma. Due to the good deeds of his ancestors he was born in this kshetra, and attained moksha. This was the main reason.

    Purana says there was a Brahamim named Vedavith who lived in Punyakosha Agraharm near River Reva. After rendering his services to his parents, and teacher he started penancing about Thirumal. He did not get the result for a long period and he was sad.

    Lord Kesavan came in the form of Brahmin and asked him to do his penance at Nattham. When he did here, Lord revealed himself to Vedavith and gave him Paramapadham which he wanted.

    As per request of Vedavith, Lord stayed back as Vijasanan in this place to bless his devotees who visited here.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Puliangkudi Temple of Nava tirupathy, Thirunelveli district

  1. ThiruPulingkudi :

    One of Nava Thirupathy temple and one of 108 Divya Desam.
    The place is near to Sri Vaikundam situated on the banks of River Thamirabarani. The temple has two prakarams.

    Main deity is Sri Bhoomipalaka Perumal on Adiseshan in relaxed posture with his consort Bhoomidevi, and Sridevi Thayar seen near his feet in sitting posture. The idol of perumal is about 12’ length. We see Brahma on lotus flower with its stem coming out from nabikamalam of perumal.

    Urchavar here known as, Sri Kaichina Vendhan with his consort, Bhoomidevi, and Sridevi Thayar. There is no separate sanctum for Thayar here. They are at service to Perumal inside the main sanctum.

    As we enter through main raja gopuram we see Dwajasthambam with small Garudan sanctum. This place is refered to Budha graham of Navagrahas.

    Purana says once Perumal and Sridevi were going around the universe on Garuda. They happen to see a place with natural beauty. They landed down and were taken up by the greenery and the river flowing beside.

    They stayed back for a long period, in the mean while Bhoodevi was searching for perumal. She came to know about there whereabouts and she felt jealousy. She started penancing at padala lokha, to gain the love and affection of perumal.

    Once when she was not there,in the earth, the seasons were not proper, draught was there and human beings suffered. Devas approached Perumal and asked him to solve the problem.

    Perumal went to Padhala Lokam and blessed Bhoodevi. She realized her mistake and she understood that both Sridevi and bhoodevi are equal to him. They decided to share and do service for him. That is the reason we see perumal with both of them in the santum.

    The Budha graham is destined for knowledge. Since Bhoodevi acquired her knowledge
    from perumal, who told her both of them are equal to him. This is the reason for considering it as a Budha graha sthalam.

    Purana says once a Brahmin named Yagna sarma performed a big yagam which was headed by Sons of Vashista Muni. Yagna sarma did not pay homage to people who helped him in performing the yagnam. They got angry and cursed him to become a Rakshas.

    Once Indra was performing yagam at this place Puligkudi kshetram and the rakshas was disturbing them in doing the yagam. Lord Vishnu came on Garuda and klled him with his gadha. After his death he was blessed by perumal and attained Moksha.