Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thiru Parthanapalli, thirunangoore, Seergazhi

  1. Thiru Parthanapalli:

    This is one of Thirunangoore Divya Desa Temple and one of 108 Divya Desam temples. The temple is about 4 kms distance from Thituvenkadu. The temple has a Raja gopuram of three storey, single prakaram with Maha mandapam, Artha mandapam and Main sanctum.

    As we enter through the Raja gopuram we see a small sanctum for Garudazwar facing Lord in the main sanctum.

    Main deity is known as Thamarayalkelvan, in standing posture with Sridevi and Bhoodevi. Urchavar is known as Parthasarathy. There is a separate sanctum for Thayar Chenbaka valli / Thamarai Nayaki, is seen when we go around the outer prakaram. We see a small sanctum for Hanuman also. Teertham is known as Sangasaras teertham.

    Purana says Varunan meditated and worshipped Lord here. The Lord was seen in person by Varunan, as Parthasarathy perumal. Agasthiyar, Gowathamar, and Baradwajar rishi’s meditated and worshipped perumal, and were able to see Lord in person.

    Story of the temple is related to Arjuna, who happens to come to this place. He was feeling thirsty and he asked for drinking water from Agasthiyar who was there. Unfortunately Agasthiya muni’s Kamandalam was empty without water. He was a great rishi and foresees the cause for this happening.

    He spoke to Arjuna, saying always he used to think of Lord Krishna whenever he was in need. Agasthiyar's word made Arjuna realize his fault.

    Arjuna prayed Lord Krishna to forgive him. Lord Krishna was happy with Arjuna, and he came before Arjuna in this place and hence the name for the place Parthanapalli. We see a separate sanctum for Arjuna here in Artha mandapam.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thirukurayaloore, Thirunangoore, Seergazhi.

  1. Thiru Kurayaloore:

    This is one of the pancha Narashima kshetram. The place is near Thiru Nagari of Thirunangoore village. This is birth place of Thirumangai Azwar.

    Main deity is Sri Lakshmi Narashima Swamy which was worshipped Thirumangai Azwar.

    Purana is connected to life of Neelan, who was later known as Thirumangai Azwar. Neelan was well educated. He was a good poet and a composer. He was a great warrior. Chola King was happy with him and made him a king for a small territory from his Kingdom. He was called as King Parakalan and used to pay tax for Chola king.

    Kapila muni was giving discourse about Lord Vishnu to his desciples. Sumangalai, devaloka maiden laughed at one of the desciple who was, hearing to discourse of his Guru Kapila muni.

    Muni was not happy about her act and cursed her to take birth in Bhoolokam. She was asked to stay at vellakulam of Thirunangoore Kshetram. Sumangalai was born as a girl baby, floating in Pushkarani on a lily flower. She was found by a devotee of Thiruvali, who took the baby to his place.

    She was named as Kumudha valli and brought up in his place. She was looking pretty. King Parakalan  happen to see her, and fell in love. He went to her place with marriage proposal. Kumudha valli wanted to marry a true vaishnavite only and she refused his proposal.

    King Parakalan went to Thirunarayoor and worshipped perumal there, to help him with his proposal to Kumudha valli. Perumal was pleased with his prayers and Lord himself, bestowed him with, pancha samskara and turned him into a vaishnavite. King Parakalan returned to Kumudavalli once again with proposal of marriage.

    Kumudha valli came up with another condition that the person should be feeding 1008 Brahmin daily. King Parakalan from that day started feeding 1008 Brahmin daily in the temple. He utilised all his wealth to feed devotees. One day he was running short of wealth, and he started utilising the tax money for feeding devotees.

    Chola King came to know about this and he was angry with King Parakalan's act. He punished him by putting him in jail. Parakalan started worshipping Lord to help him. That day in Parakalan's dream he was told, he will find treasure near Vegavathy River. The river is flowing in Kancheepuram town. Parakalan told this to King and with his permission he went in search of the treasure.

    He was able to find the treasure in the place,where it was mentioned,in his dream. He paid the tax amount of the Chola King and used the left over wealth,to continue feeding Brahanins. Kumudhavalli was happy about this and got married to King Parakalan, who was known as Thirumangai Azwar in later days.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thiru Vaikunda nadhar, Thirunangoore temple, seergazhi

  1. Vaikunda Nadhar temple:

    This one of Thirunangoore Divya Desam Temple and one of 108 Divya Desam temple.The place is about 5 kms distance from Seergazhi town.
    The temple is facing east with two prakarams. We see Artha Mandapam, Maha Mandapam, and main sanctum.

    Main deity Vaikunda Nadhar in sitting posture is seen on Lotus flower Peetam. We see his right leg folded and the left leg hanging down, shanku and chakkra in his two hands. One of his hands is rested on Adiseshan.

    We see five heads of Adiseshan at the back Lord, which looks like an
    open umbrella. Sridevi is seen to right side, of Lord and Bhoodevi to left side of Lord, in sitting posture with Abhaya varadha hastham. Andal is seen next to Bhoodevi in standing posture.

    Vaikunda valli thayar is seen in seperate sanctum. Pushkarani is known as Lakshmi Pushkarani, and Udhanga teertham. Nammazwar and chakktrazwar are seen as we go around the prakaram.

    Urchava idols of Vaikunda Nadhar, Sridevi, Bhoodevi, Navaneetha Krishnan, Andal,
    Chakkrathazwar and Nammazwar
    are seen in the main sanctum.

    Purana says the main deity Vaikundha Nadhar is exactly in the same form as he is in Vaikundam. This place is considered equal to Paramapadham. purana says Viraja river of Vaikundam flows in this place as Lakshmi Pushkarani.

    Uthanga muni worshipped Vaikundha nadhar of this temple and attained Moksha

Thiru Mani kudam, Thiru chemponsei, Thirunangoore temples.

  1. Thiru Mani kudam:

    The temple is one of Thirunangoore Divya Desam temles.
    The temple is on the way to Thirunangoore and Mangaimadam known as Manikudam, about 5 kms from Seergazhi Town.It is a small temple with Artha mandapam, Maha mandapam and main sanctum.

    Main deity is Varadaraja Perumal in standing posture on Lotus flower peetam with Sridevi and Bhoodevi Thayar. Pushkarani is known as Chandra pushkarani.

    Purana says Indra Garuda and Chandra were blessed by Varadaraja perumal of this place.

  2. Thiru chemponsei:

    This is one of Thirunangoore Divya Desam and one of 108 Divya desam temples.The temple is in Thirunangoore about 6 kms from Seergazhi Town.
    The temple has Maha Mandapam, Artha Mandapam and Main sanctum with single prakaram.

    Main Deity is known as Sri Perarulala Perumal, in standing posture with Sridevi and Bhoodevi thayar to either side. Allimamalar thayar is seen in separate sanctum in sitting posture with abhya vardha hastham.
    Pushkarani is known as Hema Pushkarani.

    Urchavar is known as Chemponrangar. We see urchava idols of Chemponrangar, Sridevi, Bhoodevi, Aranganadhar, Aranganayaki and Azhagiyasingar. There are sanctums for Nammazwar and Thirumangai Azwar, in the temple.

    Purana says Lord Sri Rama, to get rid of his brahamahathy dosha of killing Ravana, stayed in this place and performed pooja. He stayed at Drudanethra Muni's ashram and with his guidance; he made an idol of cow in gold and gave it to a Brahmin as parihara.

    The Brahamin sold the idol of gold cow and with the money he constructed this temple. Hence the temple is known as Chemponsei.

    Thirumangai Azwar sang hymns on perumal of this place.

Thiru Mani madakkoil, Thirunangoore, Seergazhi.

  1. Thiru Mani Madakkoil:

    This temple is one of Thirunangoore temples and one of Divya Desam temples.
    Mani Madakkoil is in Vellaha Street, of Tirunangore, 5 kms from Seergazhi Town.

    The temple is a small, with two prakaram having Artha Mandapam, Maha Mandapam and Main sanctum, facing east.

    Main deity is known as Nandaa villaku Perumal, in sitting posture, with Sanku, chakkram, and Abhya Varadha hastham. We see Sridevi and Bhoodevi to either side of perumal. Thayar is known as Pundarika valli Thayar.

    Urchavar is known as Aladharkariyaan. We also see Urchava idols of Narayana Perumal, Sridevi, Bhoodevi, Namazwar, Thirumangai Azwar, Manavala ma munigal, and Udayavar.

    In inner prakaram we see sanctum of Thirumangai Azwar, Udayavar, Manavalama munigal and Thirukottiyoor Nambigal.

    Purana says Indra and Ekadasa rudrar were blessed by Lord and had darshan of Almighty in this place.

    The garuda seva urchava perumal of all eleven temples of Thirunangoore meet in this temple of Mani mada koil. We see separate places are arranged for the deities to stay and bless devotees.

    This festival is celebrated in the month of Thai (jan 14- Feb 14 of English calender),Day after new moon day.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Thiru Arimeya Vinnagaram, Thirunangoore Temples, Seergazhi.

  1. Thiru Arimeya Vinnagaram

    Thiru Arimeya Vinnagaram known as Kudamadum Kutthar temple is one of Thirunangoore Divya Desam and one of 108 Divya Desam temples.

    Thiru Arimeya Vinnagaram known as Kudamadum Kutthar temple is one of Thirunangoore Divya Desam and one of 108 Divya Desam temples.

    The main Raja Gopuram of the temple is three storeys , with single prakaram.
    The temple we see Artha mandapam, Maha mandapam, and main sanctum. The temple is facing to east dirrection.

    Main deity is known as Kudamadum Kutthar in sitting posture with his left leg folded and the right leg hanging down. We see Sridevi and Bhoodevi in sitting posture to either side. Thayar is known as Amirthakada Valli Thayar seen in different sanctum as we go around. Pushkarani is known as Amudha Pushkarani.

    Urchavar is known as Chaturbuja kannan. We see idols of Urchavar, Amirthakada Valli Thayar, Rukamani, Sathyabama, and Santhana Krishnan. We see sanctum of Andal and Sri Rama in the Maha mandapam.

    Purana says Uthanga Muni worshipped Lord of this place and had darshan of the Lord as Gopala Kannan.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Thiru Thetriambalam, Thiruvanpurudothamam temples.

  1. Thiru Thetriambalam:

    This temple is one of Thirunangoore Divya Desam, in
    Thrirunangoore. This temple is one of 108 Divya Desam temples.

    Main deity is Ranganadhar on Adiseshan known as Chenganmal Perumal, in sleeping posture, with his head towards south.Sridevi is seen to head side, and Bhoodevi to leg side facing east.

    Thayar in this temple is known as Chengkamalavalli thayar, in a separate sanctum as we go around the main sanctum.Teertham is known as Soorya Teertham.

    Urchavar is known as Lakshmi Narayanar, with Sridevi and Bhoodevi in the main sanctum in front of the main deity.
    We see idols of Chakkratazwar, and Santhana Gopala Krishnan also in the main sanctum.

  2. Thiru Vanpurudothamam:

    This temple is one of Thirunangoore Divya desa temple and one of 108 Divya Desam temples.The temple is about 5 kms from Seergazhi, in Thirunagari village. The temple is facing east with, maha mandapam, artha mandapam and main sanctum.

    Main deity is known as Purushothaman in standing posture with Sridevi and Bhoodevi. As we go around we see sanctum of Thayar known as Purushothama Nayaki. Teertham is known as Thiruparkadal here. Sthala vruksham is neem tree.

    Urchava Vigraham of Purushothaman, Purushothama Nayaki, Manavala Ma munigal, Nammazwar, Thiru mangai Azwar, Sita, Rama, and Lakshmana are seen in the temple. In the inner prakaram we see sanctum for Rama, Sita and Lakshmana. We see Nammazwar, Udayavar, and Hanuman in separate sanctums. Importance: This is the only Divya Desa temple, where Maha Vishnu is known as Purushothaman.

    Purana says Kumudas worshipped Lord Purushothaman here and attained Gyana. Upamanyu son of Vyagyapadhar, was given milk, by Purushothama Nayaki thayar of this place.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Thirukavalampadi temple, Thirunangoore, Seergazhi.

  1. Thirukavalampadi:

    This is one of Thrunangoore Divya Desa Temple.
    The place is about 9 kms SE of Seergazhi town. The temple is known as kannan Koil with a single prakaram. The main sanctum is facing towards east direction.

    Main Deity is known as Gopala Krishnan in standing posture with Rukmani and Sathyabahama
    Urchavar here, is known as Rajagopalan, with his consort Sengkamala Nachiar.
    inside the sanctum in front of main deity. We see idol of Krishna with a stick to his right hand, and left hand is on the cow beside him,
    There is no separate sanctum for Thayar here. Teertham is Thadamalar Poigai.

    Purana says Lord Krishna came in search of a flower known as Parijatha Pushpam. Sathyabama liked the flower and she requested Lord Krishna to get the flower for her.
    Lord Krishna was unable to find the flower and he started meditating against Lord Siva.
    Lord Siva was pleased and he was told about the place, on his way in search of parijatha flower he liked the place and wanted to stay back in this place.

    Since Lord Krishna liked, and stayed back in this place with Rukmani and Sathyabhama, so the place is considered equal to Dwaraka.

Thiru vali and Thiru Nagari Temples

  1. Thiruvali and Thirunagari:

    One of the 12, Thirunangoore Divya Desa temples. These two are
    Different places and different temples but considered as one Divya Desam.

    Thiruvali: This is one of Pancha Narashima Kshetram.

    The place Alinadu is about 6 kms SE of Seergazhi Town, also known as Vilwaranyam. It is a small temple with single prakaram.

    Main Deity is Lakshmi Narashimar in sitting posture with, Lakshmi to his right side on his lap.Urchavar is known as Thiruvali nagaralan and his consort Amirthakada valli Thayar. Pushkarani is known as Elakshani.

    Other deities seen in the temple are, Poorna Maharishi, Nammazwar, Manavala ma munigal, Udayavar, Kulasekarar, and Periyazwar.

    Purana says Narashimar after his samharam of Hiranyakashyap was uncontrolable in anger. Devas prayed to Lakshmi Devi to cool down his anger. Lakshmi agreed to their Prayers. She came near Narashimar and sat on his right lap, Narashimar was cooled down by her act and he took her to his arms.

    Here we see Narashimar with Lakshmi Devi to right lap and his hands around her, and hence the place is known as Thiruvali (Alingana form of Narashimar)

    Importance: Birth place of Kumudha valli Nachiiyar, daughter of Thirumangai azwar.
    The place is equal to Badrikasramam. This is the next place where Perumal gave the upadesam of Narayana mantram to Thirumangai azwar. Marriage of perumal and kumudha valli Nachiyar took place here.

  2. Thiru Nagari is One of Pancha Narashima Kshetram, where we see swayambu Yoga Narashimar, and Hiranya Narashimar.

    The place Thirunagari is known as Vilwaranyam, Alingnapuram is about 7 kms of seergazhi town. The temple has a big rajagopuram with five prakarams.

    Main Deity is Vedarajan in sitting posture with Sridevi and Bhoodevi.
    Urchavar is known as Kalyana Ranganadha Perumal.

    We see sanctums of Andal, Azwars, Udayavar, Kannan, Nadha Munigal, and Desikar as we go around the prakaram.

    Purana says once Sri Lakshmi left Sri vaikundam and came down to Bhoolokham. She stayed in a lotus flower in the pushkaranin of Thiru nagari Kshetram, which was full of Lotus flower. Lord Vishnu came in search of Sri Lakshmi, and when he reached Thirunagari pushkarani he felt, Sri Lakshmi will be some hiding herself in the lotus flower.

    Lord Vishnu’s eyes represent Sun and moon, so he closed his left eye which represents moon and looked at the pushkarani with his right eye. The Lotus flower bloomed when they saw the sun and he found Sri Lakshmi in the Lotus flower.
    He took her in his arms. Since Sri Lakshmi stayed in this place it is known as Sripuram.

    Importance: The temple belongs to chatur yugam. This is the place where Thirumangai azwar was bestowed of Narayana Mantram upadesa from Lord Vishnu. There is Yoga Narashimar and Hiranya Narashimar whom he worshipped at this place is seen in the temple.

    There is a separate sanctum for Thirumangai Azwar is seen in this place. There is an idol for chindanayikku ineyal whom Thirumangai Azwar worshipped.

    Thiru nagari is the place where Thirumangai Azwar won in debate against Thirugyana Sambandhar, and got a Vel from him. Here in the temple we see Azwar with this vel.

    Thirumangai Azwar made an idol, and he transfered all his powers in the idol and attained Mukthi.

    Mangai madam is a place near by where he used to feed 1008 vaishnavites daily.
    There is a place near by Thirunagari where Vedaraja puram. It was in this place he looted ornaments from Lord Vishnu and Sri Lakshmi who were pasing by. He was blessed by Ranganadhar, whom Azwar saw in his bridal form, and he was blessed Narayana mantra upadesam by Lord himself.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Madhava Perumal, keezahasalai, Thirunangoore

  • Keezaha salai:

    One of Thiru Nangoore Divya Desa sthalam.

    Madava Perumal Temple. This is also known as Thiru Devanar Thogai Perumal.
    The temple is located at the place Keezaha salai which is 2 kms north of Thirunangoore which is 8 kms SW of Seergazhi Town.

    The temple is a small one with a single prakaram having Artha Mandapam.

    Main Deity is known as Devanayaka Perumal with Sridevi and Bhoodevi in standing posture, facing east. Thayar is known as Devanayaka thayar, and she is seen in separate sanctum as you go around the prakaram.

    Urchavar is known as Madhava Perumal. Pushkarani is Sopana Pushkarani in front of the temple.

    We see idols of Urchavar Madhavaperumal, Thirumagal, Bhoodevi, Madhava Nayaki, Thayagaperar, Teertha perar, and santhana Krishnan. There is separate sanctum for Nammazwar and Udayavar.

    Purana says Vasishta Muni meditated and worshipped Lord Madhava perumal in this place, who blessed him.
  • Friday, April 02, 2010

    Thiru Vellakulam, Annan Koil.

    1. Annan Koil:

      One of Thirunangoore Divya Desa Temples
      The temple is in Thiru Velvikulam 8 kms from Seergazhi. The temple is known as Annan Koil.

      Main Deity is Sri Annan Perumal in standing posture with Sridevi and Bhoodevi facing east. Urchavar is Sreenivasa perumal and Padmavathy Thayar. We see Thayar sannidhi of Poovar Thirumagal Nachiyar as we go around the prakaram. Pushkarani is known as Swetha Pushkarani, which is in front of the temple.

      Sanctums of other deties seen in the temple are Garuda, Kumudha Valli Nachiyar, Nammazwar, and Manavala Ma Munigal.

      Purana: Prince Swethan, son of King Dunduraman of soorya vamsam, was blessed with a life of only 9 years. Knowing this, Swethan had his Upadesam from Marutha Muni. He started penancing here in this place under a Vilva tree after having a dip in Swetha Pushkarani.

      Lord Vishnu was happy with his prayers and blessed him a life like Markandeya.

      Kumudha malar (flower) used to bloom in this pushkarani and Devalokha ladies used to pluck these flowers. Kumudha Valli Thayar with Kumudha malar was brought up by a Brahamin. King Thirumangai wanted to marry Kumudha Valli Nachiyar.

      To marry her he had to fulfill certain conditions of her, finally he was known as Azwar and the King was known as Thirumangai Azwar. He married Kumudha Valli Thayar, here in this place. We see a separate sanctum for Kumudha Valli Nachiyar in the temple.

      Importance: Perumal in this place is considered as elder brother of Tirupathy Balaji. Offerings to Balaji of Tirupathy can be offered in this place, if it is not possible for one to give the offerings at, Tirupathy due to various reasons

    Thirunangoore temples, Seergazhi.

    This is just an introduction to Thirunangore temples. I will be writing about the temples from my next post. the place Thirunangoore also known as Purasangkadu and Parasavanam , is situated between River Cauvery and Manni aru, about 8 kms from Seergazhi towm.

  • Thirunangoore Temples:

    There are 12 temples known as Thirunangore Divya Desam temples where Perumal on Garuda seva of all these, temples meet at Narayana Temple. This function takes place every year on, next day after half-moon day of month Thai (Tamilmonth) English calendar will be celebrated between Jan14- !4 Feb.
    Stone inscriptions say the place was known as Chaturvedi Mangalam.

    As per Parasavana Purana, Madanga muni meditated here on Lord Narayanar. As per the request of muni Lord Vishnu took twelve form in twelve places nearby, in this Thirunangoore kshetram. These places are known as Thirunangoore Divya Desa temples.

    Parasavana Purana says Swethyaranya known as Esanya Peetam; the main moola lingam was worshipped by Thirumal.

    Madangeeswarar of Tatpurusha Peetam was worshipped by Narayana Moorthy.

    Arayneswarar of Akora Peetam was worshipped by Parthasarathy Perumal.

    Yoganandar of Vamadeva Peetam was worshipped by Annan Perumal.

    Swaranapureeswarar of Sathyojatha Peetam was worshipped by Perarulala perumal.

    Jurahareswarar of Soma Peetam was worshipped by Kudamadum koothan Perumal.

    Naganadhar of Swarna Peetam was worshipped by Pallikonda Perumal.

    Nambuvarkanbar of Mahadeva Peetam was worshipped by Purushothama Perumal.

    Kailasa nadhar of Bheema peetam was worshipped by Vaikunda Perumal.

    Sundeswarar of Bava Peetam was worshipped by Thirumeni Azhgar Perumal.

    Irawadeeswarar of Pranava Peetam was worshipped by Madhava Perumal.

    Kalikameswarar of Rudra Peetam was worshipped by Narashima Moorthy.

    Nayanarpaneswarar of Pasupada Peetam was worshipped by Lakshmi Narayanar.

    All these peetams are considered as Thirunangore temples.