Thursday, August 02, 2007

Karamadai temple, Coimbatore

We visited Palghat for Kumbabishekam of sreenivasa perumal temple at Noorani village on 22 of April 2007. We availed the opportunity to visit temples of coimbatore and near by places.

Our tour started from 23 april and it was 5 day trip. Summer was horrible, so we had to skip some places according to our plan. We were 5 in number and we hired a taxi to go around.

We covered almost 300 kms on an average daily.Our taxi fare was Rs per head without our stay and food. We spent only a day in hotel. Our thanks to my friends sister for hospitality shown to us. We did enjoy our stay at their place.

  1. Karamadai:

    Vishnu temple of 16 th century. Main deity: Ranganadhar and his consort known as Ranganayaki thayar. Teertham is Brahma teertham.

    Importance: A cow is to pour milk on a snake pit.One day a person saw this and he try to clear the bush wdith the sword he had and he saw blood flowing out. He saw a siva linga there and he informed this to village people. They removed it cleaned it and applied sandal powder and found that Linga had Sanku and chakra marks on it, which we can see even today. Another important thing is here they bless with silver Rama banam instead of chadari, ie.padugai.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Thiruvallore and Thiruneer malai. Chennai.

  1. Thiruvallore:

    this is One of 108 Divaya desams temples. The place is about 45 kms from Chennai. The place can be reached by rail route from Chennai to Arakonam. Busses are available from all places.

    Main deity: Sri Veeraraghava perumal in sleeping postureand his consort Kanakavalli thayar in different sanctum.

    Importaance: When Sali hothra muni was penancing here, Vishnu in the form of old man visited him and had lunch with him and after lunch he asked the muni to show the place for him to take a nap. Muni showed him the parnasala (kutil).

    Here he rested in his original form, in sleeping posture and hence the name Thiruvallore which was originally known as Thiru a vull.

    Maindeity: Veeragava perumal has rested his hand on the head of Salihothra muni, and his left hand depecting Gyana mudra to preach Brahma.

    There other deities like Vinayaka, Gopalan, Desikar, Andal, Lakshmi narashimar, Sudarshanar, Ananthan & Azhwar.

    This place is known as Punyavarthi kshetram. Everyone who worships here their good deeds multily and bad ones are waved. One who takes a dip in hruththapanasini pushkaram is relieved of all ailments. The perumal here is also known as Vaidya Veeraragava perumal.

  2. Sri perumbudhoore: Vishnu temple.

    the place is 31kms south west of Chennai.

    Main deity is Sri Adikesava perumal with Sridevi and Bhoodevi thayar in standing posture and Goddess Ethiraja valli thayar. Teertham is Anantha saras.

    Importance: The place is known as Aranyaranam, Boodhapuri. To get rid of Siva’s curse Boodha ganas penenced here and were blesaed by Vishnu. In turn, they built the temple for Vishnu and hence the place is known as Boodhapuri.

    There is an idol of Ramanujar here which was embraced by him. Other deities like Rama, Andal, Udayavar, Desikan, and Alavandhar are there. This is birth place of Ramanujar.

  3. Thiruneer malai:

    This is One of 108 Divya desam. the place is 25 kms from chennai.

    Main deity: Vishnu in 4 different forms together is one Divya desam

    Importance: On the top of hill three different types of deities, they are Ranganadhar, Narashimar and Tiruvikramar.

    Purana says after worshipping three deities on top hill, Valmiki muni came down and prayed thinking of Rama. For him Ranganadhar whom he saw appeared like Rama; Lakshimi like Janaki; Adiseshan like Lakshamana; Sanku and chakra as Baradha Satrugana; Viswakarma as Sugreeva, and Garuda as Hanuman.

    Then the Lord disappeared. Valmiki prayed and God appeared as Neervannan. Azwar and Andal sanctum are there.

    Teertham is Ksheera, Karunya, Siddha and Swarna pushkarani together as big pond known as Manikarnika. Rama here known as Kalyana raman.

    The up hill is known as Thoyadri malai, about 200 steps to climb. First we have darshan of Ranganadha swamy and Ranganayaki thayar. As we go around we see come to Thiruvikrama perumal in standing posture known as ulagalandha perumal, and third deity Santha Narashima in sitting posture. This place is considered as mukthi sthalam.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Varadaraja Perumal, Ulagalandha Perumal, Pachai vannar and Palvanna Perumal Temple. Kancheepuram.

  1. Varadharajaperumal temple:

    This is One of 108 Divya desam in Chinna Kancheepuram.

    Main deity: Varadharajaperumal and his consort known as Perundevi thayar.
    Teertham is Vegavathi, Ananthasaras Brahma teertham and well.

    Importance: The main sanctum is 40’height with 43 steps to go. In the basement we see Azhagiya Singa perumal in sitting posture and Arithra devi thayar.

    Lord Vishnu in the form of mountain was holded by Iravathi Hence the name Athigiri. Varadaraja perumal in punyakoti viman came down to bless Brahma for the yagam he performed. Brugu muni, Naradha, Saraswathhi and indra were blessed by Varadharajar.

    Hanuman and Sukran were transformed into lizard for their sin and they penenced here and were blessed by Vishnu. There are two lizards to the roof of temple and everyone is allowed to touch them and will be relieved of all ailments.

    Atthi Varadhar is of wood and it is kept in anantha saras teertha, is taken out once in 40 years and pooja is performed. Devotees can have darshan of him at that time. We see Chakrathazhwar in separate sanctum near Ananthasaras teertham and at the back Adi seshan holding Narashima moorthy.

  2. Ulagandha perumal:

    This is one of 108 Divya desam near Kamakshi amman temple.

    Main deity: Ulagalandha perumal of 35’ height & 24’width. His left leg lifted up to sky and 2 fingers of left hand and one finger of right lifted up. We see Aranaravalli thayar in different sanctum.Teertham is Naga teertham.

    Importance: During vamana avathara Vishnu asked for 3 steps of land from Mahaballi. Mahabali agreed to give & for one step of Vishnu, Mahabali was under the feet of vamana and was unable to lift and see the complete form of Vamana.

    He penanced here and Vamana was pleased and reappeared infront of him and even then he was not able to See the complete form, to his request he is in the form of Adiseshan in the same temple.

    There are other three deities also in the same temple which were once up on a time in different places nearby which is unknown.

    Thiru Neeragam: one of 108 Divya desam.

    Sri jagadeesa perumal and Neelamangala valli thayar are main deity. The teertham here is known as Akrura teertham.

    Thiru Karagam: one of 108 Divya desam.

    Main deity: Thiru Karunakara perumal and his consort known as Padamamani nachiyar.

    Thiru Karvanam: one of108 Divya desam.

    Main deity: Kalvar with Bhoodevi and Sridevi. Kamalavalli nachiyar in different sanctum.

  3. Thiru pavalavanna perumal:

    This is One of 108 Divya desam. 1kms distance from kamakshi temple.

    Main deity: Pavala vanna perumal in standing postureand his consort known as pravaravalli thayar.
    Teertham is Chakkra teertham.

    Importance: The main deity is of red shade which is unique. When Saraswathi sent asuras to spoil the yagam done by Brahma, Vishnu came to rescue of Brahma and fought with asuras and he was with blood stains so the colour for pavala vannar.

  4. Pachai vannar: Vishnu temple.

    the temple is sen to the other end of Pavalavannar perumal street.

    Importance: Brugu maharishi performed yaga here to have laksmi devi as his daughter and he married her to Vishnu here.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Ashtabuyakaram, Thiru vellukai and thiru Edagam. Kancheepuram.

  1. Ashtabuyakarm:

    This is One of 108 Divya desam, South of Rangaswamy tank small kanci.

    Main deity: Adi kesava perumal in standing posture with ashta bujam having chakkrm, knife, flower, arrow, sanku, bow, kedayam and gadha. We see Alemelumanga thayar in different sanctum.

    Teertham is known as Gajendra pushkarani.

    Importance: Ashtabuyakaram name is due to Vishnu taking this form to control the asuras who were disturbing the yagam of Brahma. Mahasudha muni was in penancing here. Indra was worried of his seat and he deva kanyas to disturb muni and kanyas took the form of elephant and diverted munis attention. He changed himself into an elephant and started living with them.

    After many years he came to know that he was fooled by them. Once when he realised his mistake he approached Markendaya muni to help him out. Muni asked him to worship Vishnu in this place Ashtabuyakaram. He worshipped vishnu with lotus flower, in the same form of elephant. One day the elephant’s leg was caught by a crocodile and to free himself the elephant took the name of Vishnu as Narayana and he was rescued by Vishnu and attained his previous form of human being.

  2. Thiru vellukai:

    This is one of 108 Divyadesam. The temple is opposite to Vilakoli perumal temple.

    Main deity: Sri Azhagiya Singaperumal in sitting posture & Sri Vellukai valli thayar in different sanctum. Teertham is Kanakasaras teertham.

    Importance: Lord vishnu took the form of Narashima and started chasing the Asuras, when he came to this place it was cool and nice. Asuras were not to be seen, he liked the place and he stayed back there to take care if asuras return again. He is in Yoga form here.

  3. Thiru Edagam

    Thiru padagam is one of 108 Divyadesam. Near Ekambaranadhar temple.Teertham is Mathsya teertham.

    Main deity: Pandavadootha perumal in sitting posture. The height is 28’. We see thayar Rukmani devi in different sanctum.

    Importance: king Janameyajeyan listen to story of Mahabaratha from Vaisambhavana muni. Sri krishna when he went to Hastinapuri as a mesanger of pandavas he reveled his Viswaroopa darshan.

    The king wanted to have the same kind of darshan of Vishnu, so he performed a Aswameda yaga here in this place. Purna says that his wish was fulfilled. The temple is 1000years old and was built by King Rajakesari varman.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Kallaperumal, Nilathunda Perumal, Thiruvekka and Thiru Thangal. Kancheepuram Town

  1. Kalla Perumal:

    This is one of the Divya Desa perumal inside Kamakshi temple

    Inside the main sanctum we see Kalla perumal, Soundra lakshmi and Arupa lakshmi. The kumkum prasadam should be first put in front of Arupa lakshmi and then we should take it from there. After worshipping Kamakshi when we come out in front we see Annapoorani.

    When we go around the temple in front of the pond we see vishnu in different temple in three posture sitting, standing and sleeping.

  2. Nilathunda perumal:

    This is One of 108 important Divya Desam temple.

    Main deity: Neelathunda perumal standing posture with sapthagnaga.

    The deity is seen to north east side of Ekambereswarar within the temple premises

    Importance: At the time of churnning of occan to get nectar, the God of occan Vishnu’s body became warm and to cool himself he does penance here and the moon rays from Siva’s head falls on vishnu.

  3. Thiruvekka:

    This temple is known as Yadodhakari, one of 108 Divyadesam. Near Rangaswamy tank small kanchipurm.

    Main deity: Sonnavannam seidha perumal in sleeping posture and his consort known as Kamalavalli thayar in different sanctum. Teertham is Poighai teertham.

    Importance: Saraswathi river started flowing as vegavathi river to disturb the yagam performed by Brahma. Vishnu came to rescue, on the request Brahma to stop the river flowing down.

    Vishnu laid down on Adiseshan to stop the flow of river. Vegavathi stopped due to shyness and hence the name Vecca.

    Poighai Azhwar took birth in a lotus flower represnting panchajanyam. Thirumishai Azhwar left the place in search of Karrikannan and he asked Vishnu of this place to join him.

    Vishnu rolled Adisesha took him in his hand and followed him. Once Vishnu left the place the whole town faced problem, the king realised his mistake of sending them away and he begged Azhwar to forgive and return back Knchi.

    Azhwar was pleased and he asked Vishnu to follow him once again and reside in same place. Since Vishnu did as he was asked by Azhwar the name Sonnavannam seitha perumal. In this place the rarity is Vishnu has placed his head to south side.

  4. Tiru Thangal:

    this is 0ne of 108 Vishnu temples known as Vilakoli perumal. The temple is to west of Ashtabuyakaram temple.

    Main deity: Deepa prakasar and his consort Maragdha valli thayar. Teertham is Saraswthi teertham.

    Importance: Without informing Saraswathi, Brahma started performing yagam in a nandavanam which was cool and hence, the place is known as Thanga.

    She was not happy about this and requested asura named mayanalam to help her in disturbing the precedings of yagam. Asura made the world dark by his powers. Brahma inturn sought the help of Vishnu to perform his yagam without interuption.

    Vishnu came to his resque with a lamp in his hand and hence the name Deepaprakasar.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Teruvidanthy, Thiur Kdalmallai and Thirupukzhi temple. Kancheepuram.

Kanchi Temples

We happen to read a book written by sri. J.c.Murali about old temples of south india.We were inspired and planned to visit as many temples as possible.Our thanks to him for diverting our attention towards the age old temples.

Every temple as its own importance and many a places it is in Swayambu linga form. 276 Siva temples are known as Devara sthalam were Navakkuarsar, Manikkavachakar, Appar & Sundarar (who are known as saiva kuravas) ardent devotees of Siva sang hymns on siva.

There are 108 vishnu temples which are important known as Divya desams. Our first such tour was to Kanchi, south india and places around. We planned to visit important Vishnu temples also which are nearby. The temples dates back to 8 and 9th century. It was a 6 day tour from 21st feb 2006.

Kanchi: During pallava times it was their capital. The place is well known for temples and silk sarees. We started our tour from chennai . We were able to cover 90% only, due to temple timinges. Bus facility is available to all the places except few.

Some places are too small villages were nothing is available for tourists. We made our trip by taxi so that we can cover many places. We were 5 in number and our cost worked out to Rs2500 per head including room and food.

  1. Thiruvidanthy:

    One of 108 important Vishnu temples.

    The place is located at, chennai to Mahabalipuram via (Kovalam). 40kms distance fronm chennai.

    Main deity: Lakshmi varaha perumal standing posture.Utsavar: Nithya kalyana perumal and Komavalli thayar. Teertham: Kalyana teertham and Varaha teertham.

    Importance: Vara perumal married 360 daughers of Klava maharishi and he is known as Nithya Kalyana perumal. All 360 were united into one and named as Lakshmi and he has her on his lap, so the name as thiru vidanthay.

  2. Thiru kadal mallai:

    This is One of 108 Divya desams, 60kms from Chennai or 15kms from Thiru vidanthai.

    Main deity: Sthala sayana perumal sleeping posure, bujanga sayanam with his right hand on his chest as upadesa mudra.

  3. Mahabalipuram:

    It is sea shore 50 kms from chenni. We have a temple, five charriots made of stones with rich carvings, stone elephant, etc. Holiday resorts are there.

  4. Thirupukuzhi:

    This is One of 108 Divya desam, 10 kms from kancheepuram. The temple is ½ km inside from the main road.

    Main deity is Vijaya ragava perumal in sitting posture and Maragadavalli thayar in different sanctum. Teertham is Jatayu teertham.

    Importance: Women who want to concieve come here. They fry some green gram wash it and tie that to their stomach and sleep in the temple premises that night & next day if it sproutes their wish is fulfilled.

    Yadava prakasar guru of Ramanujar preached vedanta here. Rama when he was in search of Sita, he performed last rituals of jatayu here. Pond was made by Rama known as Jatayu teertham. Jatayu attained moksha here.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nadhan Koil, Anjaneyar and Sarangapani temple. Kumbakonam.

  1. Nadhan Koil: Vishnu temple

    This is one of 108 Divya Desam. The place is about 2kms from pazhiarai, or 14kms from Kumbakonam.

    Main Deity: Jaganadhar and his consort Senbagavalli Thayar,in sitting posture.
    Teertham: Nandi teertham.

    Importance: Sthala Vinayakaris Siddhi vinakayar. Nandi worshipped Siva in this place. Jaganadha perumal with Sword, Bow, Chakram, Sanku and Dandam in his hand. On friday's special abishekam is performed. Wishes are fulfilled in this temple.

  2. Jaya Vijaya anjeneyar:

    We have a single banian tree which has multiplied into many number or trees by roots spreading all over.

    There is a Rama temple and Anjeyana sculpture. The place is calm and pleasant.

  3. Sarangapani temple:

    This is One of 108 Divya desam. The temple is located near Portamari kulam.

    Main deity: Sarangapani in sleeping posture, and Komalavalli thayar.
    Teertham: Hema pushkarani.

    Importance: There are 2 main doors known as utharayana and dakshinayana doors. uthsava vigraha has bow in his hand hence the name Sarangapani. The main gopuram is third highest one of vishnu temple 150 feet. The temple has vasantha mandapam and 100 pillar mandapam.

    Other deities like Sreenivasar, Krishna, Andal Gopalan, and Garuda are there. Lakshmi got married to perumal in the name of Komala valli daughter of Hema muni.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thiru Velliankudi and sengnoor temple. Kumbakonam.

  1. Thiru Velliankudi:Vishnu temple.

    This is one of 108 divya desam.The temple is about 20kms from Kumbakonam. Town buses are available.

    Main Deity: Kolavalvil Raman and Maragadha valli thayar. The main deity is in sleeping posture. Utsavar: Srungara sundarar.

    Teertham:chakra, Brahma, Indra and Parasara teertham Sthala vruksham is Kadali.

    Importance: Garuda with sanku and chakra. Sukra, Brahma, Indra and Parasara muni were blessed by vishnu of this place.

  2. Senganoor:Vishnu temple.

    Distance: 13kms from Adhurai and 18 kms from Kumbakonam.

    Main Deity: Sreenivasa perumal in standing posture and a Siva temple also, which we missed.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Thiru vellakulam,Thiru semponsai, Talachangkadu, Thiru Indaloor, Thiru Kandiyoor and Thanjaiyali Nagar Temple. Kumbakonam.

  1. Thiruvellakulam: Vishnu temple.

    This is One of 108 Divya desam. the place is about 7kms from Seergazhi.

    Main Deity: Sreenivasan and Alarmelmangai. (standing posture) Teertham is Thiruvellakulam.

    Importance: One of 11 tirupathi of Thirunangoore. The place is known as then tirupathi. Swetharaja, son of Thenthuraman of Surya vamsa was blessed by lord Sreenivasa for a long life like Markendya. Initally his life span was only 9yrs. He visited the temple had a dip in swetha pushkaram started doing mruthyanjaya japam under vilva tree, and got blessed. Thirumangi Azhwar got married to Kumudha valli in this place.

  2. Thiru semponsei koil: Thirnangoore Temple.

    This is One of 108 important temples. The place is 5kms from Thirunangoore.

    Main Deity: Perarulalan and Allimamalar nachiar. Utsavar known as chemponarangar.Teertham: Hema pushakarani and Kanaka teertham.

    Importance: Rama stayed at Druda nethra muni’s place & donated a golden cow to brahamin to get rid of his sin. The brahamin built this temple by the money he got out of cow. Hence the name. Siva to get rid of his brahamathi dosham performed Ekadasa rudhra, at this place. Vishnu with Bhooneela & devas gave darshan. Rudra requested him to stay at this place and bless devotees. 11 Garuda seva utsavam of Thirunangoore is famous.

  3. Thalachangkadu: Vishnu temple

    This is one of 108 divya desam.The place is about 4kms from Akkoore.

    Main Deity: Nanmadhiya perumal and Thalaichanga nachiar in standing posture.
    Utsavar: Venchudar piraan and chenkamala valli thayar.
    Teertham: Amritha pushkarani and Markendeya teertham.

  4. Thiru Indhaloore: Vishnu temple.

    The temple is 1/108 divya desams. The place is at Municipal limits of Mayavaram.

    Main Deity: Parimala ranganadhan or Sugandhavana nadhan and Parimala ranganayaki or Pundareekavalli. The deity is in sleeping posture with four hands.

    Importance: cauveri sangamam into sea. Kaveri is near the head side and Ganges the leg side of main deity.

  5. Thirukandiyoor: Vishnu temple.

    This is one of 108 Divya desam. The place is about 8kms from Tanjoore.

    Main Deity: Harasapavimochana perumal, Standing posture. Utsavar Kamalanadhan and Kamalavalli thayar.

    Teertham: Kapalamoksha pushkarani, Padma teertham, Kapala teertham and Kudamuruti river

    Importance: Kapala of Brahama which was hanging in the hands of Siva left him only after worshiping Vishnu at this place. Separate Brahma, Vishnu & Siva temples are near by.

  6. Tanjaiyalinagar: Vishnu temple.

    This is one of 108 Divya desam.

    the place is about 4kms from Tanjore. Three temples together are considered as one Divya desam.

    Markendya has seen the perumal of all the three places. Rama teertham is common for all the three temples. There is only one pujari for all three temples. Utsavar called as Sriman Narayanan.

    Main Deity: Neelamegha Perumal and Senkamalavalli thayar, sitting posture.
    Place: Manikundram.

    Main Deity: Manikundra perumal and Ambujavalli thayar, sitting posture.
    Place: Tanjayali nagar.

    Main Deity: Narasihma and Tanjay nayaki.

    Importance: Tanjaga elephant was killed by Narashima and to full fill the wish of Tangajan he his there in the same for devotees to worship. Hence the name for the town also as Tanjai.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Uppliappan, Thiru Naryayoor, Tirucherai, Adhanoor, Thirupullam Boodhankudi and Kavi sthalam. Kumbakonam..

Following is list of temples belonging to 8-10th century in Kumbakonam area. the place u can call as a temple town. Our option of temples were important Siva temples numbering 276 and 108 Divya Desam.

We visited these temples during christmas holidays of 2006. Spent 1 full week covering these temples with base at Kumbakonam. Preferred mode of transport for visiting these temples is to hire a taxi with a local driver.

Importantly remember all temples are closed during 12:00 - 16:00hrs. The approx cost for a group of 5 people hiring a taxi is Rs.3000 which included taxi and food.

We stayed at my brother's place which saved the boarding expense. Boarding expense in Kumbakonam is moderate.I have separated the Siva Devara sthalam and Vainava Divya Desam on 2 different heading. One can still find our complete tour visits in my blog heading as "Ancient temples".

The temples are very old. They were visited by Azwars who sung hymns praising Lord (Renowned devotees, who composed hymns in praise of lord)and experienced the nearness of the respective lord. we were able to cover a part of the list of temples which we planned. I only hope we will be able to see rest of places also.

  1. Uppiliappan Koil:

    This is one of 108 important Divya desam Maha vishnu temple also known as Oppiliappan Koil 7 kms from Kumbakonam

    Main deity: Oppiliappan, his Consort Bhuma devi.

    As per purana, Bhuma devi-Daughter of Markandeya rishi, marries Mahavishnu and cooks food for him without salt.Hence upillada perumal. Prasadam is Curd rice.

    Importance: Salted food is prohibited in the temple premises.

  2. Thirunarayoor: Vishnu temple.

    This is one of 108 Divya Desam: 5kms from kumbakonam.

    Main deity: Thiru Nariyur Nambi in standing posture. Consort Vanjulavalli
    in bride posture. Teertham: Mani mutha teertham.

    Importance: Personal appearance of God for Meydavi muni and Brahama. Another important thing to be seen in this temple is Garuda is made of stone. Festival Garuda seva is world famous here.

    Starting of garuda seva only 4 persons lift it and gradullay number of persons double to every door finally the number lands to 64 in number. The reason why the no. of people carrying the diety increases is at every stage the wieght of the stone Garuda increases (unknown reason). Same way the number of persons decrease on return of the diety to moola sthanam. Ambal in Hamsa vahana.

  3. Thirucherai Temple:

    This is One of the 108 divya desam.

    Theertham: Sara theertham, Vimanam: Saravimanam.

    Main deity saranadha perumal in standing posture and his consort saranayaki Thayar Perumal is giving darshan with five of his consorts, "Sridevi, Bhoodevi, Neeladevi, Mahalakshmi Saranayagi".This place is known as "Panchasarashetram".

  4. Adhanoor: Vishnu temple

    This is one of 108 divya desam. The place is about 3kms from Swami malai.

    Main deity: Andalakumayan and Ranganayaki. Lord in the form of Bujayanga sayanam ie. in sleeping posture. One can see the measure under his head as a pillow and in left hand he has palm leaf and pin. Teertham: Surya pushkarani.

    Importance: Thiru mangaiAzawar and Kamadenu near the feet of the lord which is unusual.

  5. Thirupullam Boodhamkudi: Vishnu Temple.

    this is one of 108 divya desam. The place is about 5kms from Swamy malai.

    Main Deity: Valvil Raman and Portamaraial or Hemambujavalli.Bujanga sayanam. (sleeping posture) Teertham: Jhatau teertham and Kruthra teertham.

    Importance: Vishnu’s posture here in the temple is like taking rest after granting the eternal bliss to Jhatau..This happens when sita was in Lanka so u find Bhooma devi with him,so that he can perform the religious rituals for Jhatau. Utsava vighara is Rama with four hands.

  6. Kavisthalam: Vishnu Temple.

    This is one of 108 divya desam and also known as pancha Krishna kshetram.The place is about 3kms from papanasam.

    Main Deity: Gajanderan Varadhan and his consort known as Ramamani valli thayar. Teertham is Gajandra pushkarani and Kapila teertham.

    Importance: When gajandra was caught by the crocodile while drinking water in the pond he took the name of lord Vishnu to rescue him, he surrendered himself with full dedication and vishnu was pleased and rescued Gajendra.

  7. Thirukoodaloor:

    This is One of 108 Divya Desam The temple is located at, Tanjore to Ganapathy Agraharam.

    Main Deity: Jagadhrakshan and Thayar Padmasini,standing posture.

    Teertham: cauveri and Chakra teertham.

    Importance: The place where Nandaga muni and devas performed puja was washed away by floods. Rani Mangammal dreamt about the renovation of temple and she renovated it. Another important thing to observe is there is shanku formation in the sthalavruksham.