Friday, March 19, 2010

Therazhundur Perumal temple.

  1. Therazhundur: Krishna Kshetram.

    The place is about 21 Kms from Mailaduthurai. The main Raja gopuram is three storeys with two prakaram.

    Main deity is “Devathirajan” in standing posture facing east. We see Garuda and Prahaladhan to one side and Goddess Cauveri, to other side of Lord inside the main sanctum.“Chengkamala valli thayar” is seen in different sanctum.There is a big tank seen in front of the temple known as “Darshna Pushkarani“.

    This is only Divya Desam temple where we see him as Lord Krishna. Urchavar is known as Amuruviappan. He has four hands and seen with Rukamani and Sathyabama. There is a cow seen standing beside him.

    Other deities seen in the temple as we go around are “yoga Narashimar, Vasudevar, Vishwaksenar, Desikar, Sri Ramar, Hanuman, Andal and Azwars” in different sanctums.

    Purana: when Agasthiya muni was worshipping Lord Devathirajan here, King Urthuvaradhan was passing on his chariot in air and the chariot got stuck and the place was known as Therazhundur from then on.

    Once Brahma took away the cow heard of Lord Krishna. When Lord Krishna knew about it he created cows with the help of Mayasakthi. Brahma when he saw this he was ashamed for his act and asked Kannan to forgive him.

    He requested Kannan to stay back in this place and bless him. So Kannan is seen here as Amuruviappan.