Thursday, August 02, 2007

Karamadai temple, Coimbatore

We visited Palghat for Kumbabishekam of sreenivasa perumal temple at Noorani village on 22 of April 2007. We availed the opportunity to visit temples of coimbatore and near by places.

Our tour started from 23 april and it was 5 day trip. Summer was horrible, so we had to skip some places according to our plan. We were 5 in number and we hired a taxi to go around.

We covered almost 300 kms on an average daily.Our taxi fare was Rs per head without our stay and food. We spent only a day in hotel. Our thanks to my friends sister for hospitality shown to us. We did enjoy our stay at their place.

  1. Karamadai:

    Vishnu temple of 16 th century. Main deity: Ranganadhar and his consort known as Ranganayaki thayar. Teertham is Brahma teertham.

    Importance: A cow is to pour milk on a snake pit.One day a person saw this and he try to clear the bush wdith the sword he had and he saw blood flowing out. He saw a siva linga there and he informed this to village people. They removed it cleaned it and applied sandal powder and found that Linga had Sanku and chakra marks on it, which we can see even today. Another important thing is here they bless with silver Rama banam instead of chadari, ie.padugai.