Monday, February 05, 2007

Thiru vellakulam,Thiru semponsai, Talachangkadu, Thiru Indaloor, Thiru Kandiyoor and Thanjaiyali Nagar Temple. Kumbakonam.

  1. Thiruvellakulam: Vishnu temple.

    This is One of 108 Divya desam. the place is about 7kms from Seergazhi.

    Main Deity: Sreenivasan and Alarmelmangai. (standing posture) Teertham is Thiruvellakulam.

    Importance: One of 11 tirupathi of Thirunangoore. The place is known as then tirupathi. Swetharaja, son of Thenthuraman of Surya vamsa was blessed by lord Sreenivasa for a long life like Markendya. Initally his life span was only 9yrs. He visited the temple had a dip in swetha pushkaram started doing mruthyanjaya japam under vilva tree, and got blessed. Thirumangi Azhwar got married to Kumudha valli in this place.

  2. Thiru semponsei koil: Thirnangoore Temple.

    This is One of 108 important temples. The place is 5kms from Thirunangoore.

    Main Deity: Perarulalan and Allimamalar nachiar. Utsavar known as chemponarangar.Teertham: Hema pushakarani and Kanaka teertham.

    Importance: Rama stayed at Druda nethra muni’s place & donated a golden cow to brahamin to get rid of his sin. The brahamin built this temple by the money he got out of cow. Hence the name. Siva to get rid of his brahamathi dosham performed Ekadasa rudhra, at this place. Vishnu with Bhooneela & devas gave darshan. Rudra requested him to stay at this place and bless devotees. 11 Garuda seva utsavam of Thirunangoore is famous.

  3. Thalachangkadu: Vishnu temple

    This is one of 108 divya desam.The place is about 4kms from Akkoore.

    Main Deity: Nanmadhiya perumal and Thalaichanga nachiar in standing posture.
    Utsavar: Venchudar piraan and chenkamala valli thayar.
    Teertham: Amritha pushkarani and Markendeya teertham.

  4. Thiru Indhaloore: Vishnu temple.

    The temple is 1/108 divya desams. The place is at Municipal limits of Mayavaram.

    Main Deity: Parimala ranganadhan or Sugandhavana nadhan and Parimala ranganayaki or Pundareekavalli. The deity is in sleeping posture with four hands.

    Importance: cauveri sangamam into sea. Kaveri is near the head side and Ganges the leg side of main deity.

  5. Thirukandiyoor: Vishnu temple.

    This is one of 108 Divya desam. The place is about 8kms from Tanjoore.

    Main Deity: Harasapavimochana perumal, Standing posture. Utsavar Kamalanadhan and Kamalavalli thayar.

    Teertham: Kapalamoksha pushkarani, Padma teertham, Kapala teertham and Kudamuruti river

    Importance: Kapala of Brahama which was hanging in the hands of Siva left him only after worshiping Vishnu at this place. Separate Brahma, Vishnu & Siva temples are near by.

  6. Tanjaiyalinagar: Vishnu temple.

    This is one of 108 Divya desam.

    the place is about 4kms from Tanjore. Three temples together are considered as one Divya desam.

    Markendya has seen the perumal of all the three places. Rama teertham is common for all the three temples. There is only one pujari for all three temples. Utsavar called as Sriman Narayanan.

    Main Deity: Neelamegha Perumal and Senkamalavalli thayar, sitting posture.
    Place: Manikundram.

    Main Deity: Manikundra perumal and Ambujavalli thayar, sitting posture.
    Place: Tanjayali nagar.

    Main Deity: Narasihma and Tanjay nayaki.

    Importance: Tanjaga elephant was killed by Narashima and to full fill the wish of Tangajan he his there in the same for devotees to worship. Hence the name for the town also as Tanjai.


  1. Very useful blog. Keep it up. Felt very happy to read about all those temples. If you could add more pictures, it 'll give a feeling of virtual tour for the readers. GOD BLESS YOU

  2. Anonymous4:42 AM

    our family visited the temples in and arond kumbakonam with the help of this guide.thanks a lot.