Thursday, March 08, 2007

Kallaperumal, Nilathunda Perumal, Thiruvekka and Thiru Thangal. Kancheepuram Town

  1. Kalla Perumal:

    This is one of the Divya Desa perumal inside Kamakshi temple

    Inside the main sanctum we see Kalla perumal, Soundra lakshmi and Arupa lakshmi. The kumkum prasadam should be first put in front of Arupa lakshmi and then we should take it from there. After worshipping Kamakshi when we come out in front we see Annapoorani.

    When we go around the temple in front of the pond we see vishnu in different temple in three posture sitting, standing and sleeping.

  2. Nilathunda perumal:

    This is One of 108 important Divya Desam temple.

    Main deity: Neelathunda perumal standing posture with sapthagnaga.

    The deity is seen to north east side of Ekambereswarar within the temple premises

    Importance: At the time of churnning of occan to get nectar, the God of occan Vishnu’s body became warm and to cool himself he does penance here and the moon rays from Siva’s head falls on vishnu.

  3. Thiruvekka:

    This temple is known as Yadodhakari, one of 108 Divyadesam. Near Rangaswamy tank small kanchipurm.

    Main deity: Sonnavannam seidha perumal in sleeping posture and his consort known as Kamalavalli thayar in different sanctum. Teertham is Poighai teertham.

    Importance: Saraswathi river started flowing as vegavathi river to disturb the yagam performed by Brahma. Vishnu came to rescue, on the request Brahma to stop the river flowing down.

    Vishnu laid down on Adiseshan to stop the flow of river. Vegavathi stopped due to shyness and hence the name Vecca.

    Poighai Azhwar took birth in a lotus flower represnting panchajanyam. Thirumishai Azhwar left the place in search of Karrikannan and he asked Vishnu of this place to join him.

    Vishnu rolled Adisesha took him in his hand and followed him. Once Vishnu left the place the whole town faced problem, the king realised his mistake of sending them away and he begged Azhwar to forgive and return back Knchi.

    Azhwar was pleased and he asked Vishnu to follow him once again and reside in same place. Since Vishnu did as he was asked by Azhwar the name Sonnavannam seitha perumal. In this place the rarity is Vishnu has placed his head to south side.

  4. Tiru Thangal:

    this is 0ne of 108 Vishnu temples known as Vilakoli perumal. The temple is to west of Ashtabuyakaram temple.

    Main deity: Deepa prakasar and his consort Maragdha valli thayar. Teertham is Saraswthi teertham.

    Importance: Without informing Saraswathi, Brahma started performing yagam in a nandavanam which was cool and hence, the place is known as Thanga.

    She was not happy about this and requested asura named mayanalam to help her in disturbing the precedings of yagam. Asura made the world dark by his powers. Brahma inturn sought the help of Vishnu to perform his yagam without interuption.

    Vishnu came to his resque with a lamp in his hand and hence the name Deepaprakasar.

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