Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Urayoor, Uthamar Koil, and Thiruvellarai temple. Trichy.

This time our tour was to Thirchirappalli for four days from january 9- 2008. The place is one of the important junctions well connected to Airways, Railways and Roadways. We stayed at Mayavaram Lodge, 87, Vanappattarai Street, Teppakulam Post, and Thiruchirappalli-620002. Phone number: 0431-2704089, 0431-2722400.

The accommodation was reasonable and service rendered was good. It was homely. They have car for rents also. The car driver Kuzandhaivelu was very coperative and helpful.

Our tour was mainly to visit Old important temples of Siva, Vishnu, and few temples on the way. We were unable complete all temples of our choice, due to temple timings.

My next few posts will be about our places which we covered in and around Trichy.

  1. Urayoore:

    One of 108 Vishnu temple known as Divya deasam. The place is about 2 kms from Trichy central bus stop.

    Main Deity is Azagiya Manavala perumal in standing posture and his consort Kamala valli Thayar. Teertham is Kalyana teertham and Surya teertham.
    Importance: Komala Valli thayar is seen in bridal form over here. This is birth place of Thiruppanazwar, and he is seen separate sanctum here.

    Purana: King Nanda cholan found a female child fluting on lotus flower. He took the child named her Kamala valli and took care of her. Vishnu wanted to marry the princes. He appeared as a prince, in the dream of the King and asked his daughter to be married to him. Kamala Valli thayar and Manavala Perumal got married in this place

  2. Uthammar Koil:

    This is one of 108 Vishnu temples known as Divya Desam..
    The place is about 6kms from Trichy.

    Main Deity: Puroshotama perumal in lying posture and Poornavalli Thayar in separate sanctum.Teertham is Kadamba teertham.

    Importance: other dieties in temple are Lakshmi Narayana perumal, Varadaraja perumal, Rama and Nammazwar. We have a separate sanctum for Brahma and as well as Saraswathi. While we go around the temple we see at the back of perumal Swayambu linga known as pichandar sannadhi in different sanctum. Vadivudai nakayi amman is seen in different sanctum. We see lakshmi , nayanar, Dasaradha linga, Chandikeswarar.

    Purana says Lord Siva to get rid of brahmahathi dosha due to the removal of brahma’s
    head. Lord Siva took the form as pichandar, and was roaming around with a bowl in his hand. At this time Poornavalli thayar gave biksha to him in his bowl and he was relieved from the dosha.

    Siva preached Gyana upadesa. The place is known as Saptha guru sthalam. Dakshina moorthy as Siva guru,Varadaraja perumal as Vishnu guru, Brahma has brahma guru, Soundarya parvathi as Sakthi guru, Dandayudha pani as gyana guru, Guru of navagraha as Deva guru, Sukra of navagraha as Asura guru.

  3. Thiruvellari:

    The temple is one of 108 Divaya desam. The place is about 17 kms from trichy to north.

    Main Deity is Pundarekaksha perumal and his consort known as Pankayach selvi thayar, Shenbagavalli in different sanctum. Teertham is Manikarnika, Kusa, Pushkala. Sthala Vruksham is Elandhy maram.

    Importance: There are two entrances to the temple known as Uttharayana and Dakshinana. There is one more door inside known as Nazhikettan door.

    PuranaThe story for the door is when perumal came late in the night thayar questioned him for the delay. Priority is for Goddess here. Lakshmi, Bhomadevi, Surya, Chandra, and Adiseshan worshipped god in human form. There is a pond belonging to the temple in swastik shape known as mamiar kulam. The construction is in such a way that person taking bath in a side cannot see the person who is to the other side


  1. hi amma
    never thought i have seen so many places in tiruchi :)

    great set of temples this time too

  2. Sorry, I have posted this comment in a wrong place earlier and so posting it here now:
    Very nice work Madam and I have Blogrolled you in my Blog: http://shanthiraju.wordpress.com/. Sometimes back I visited Thiruvellarai temple and the travelogue is in my Blog. But I came to know about the Swasthik kulam only after visiting the temple. Since then I was searching for glimpses of it through photos but I have not seen any so far. Your's was the first photo of the tank, I have seen. I would like to see more photos of the tank, if you have. If possible you can send it to me at raju0704@hotmail.com or you can post it in your Blog itself for the benefit of all.
    I have geographically marked out hundreds of temples in:
    Also there are plenty of photos on temples here:
    Continue your great work.

  3. I was searching for Navagraha Stahalam(s) and randomly landed on your blog, but it proved such a treasure trove that I am confident will prove very useful in my family's forthcoming trip.

    The travelogue is well compiled and highly informative.
    Just one request though, add some more tags, so others could reach your blog easily.

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