Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sri Vaikundam temple of Nava tirupathy, Thirunelveli.

  1. Sri Vaikundam:

    The temple is one of 108 Divya Desam, and one of Navatirupathy.
    The place Srivaikundam is about 26 kms from Thirunelveli town on the banks of River Thamirabarani. This is Soorya graha kshetram of Nava Tirupathy.

    The temple main Raja gopuram is of 9 stories with three prakarams around the main sanctum.As we enter we pass through mandapam with pillars. There is a sanctum forSri Ramar and Sreenivasar.

    Near dwajasthambam garudazwar is seen. We see Lakshmi Narashimar and Dasavathara sculptures.

    Main deity is Sri Vaikundanadhan in standing posture with Adiseshan’s five heads like an umbrella for him. Normally we see him in relaxing posture when he is with Adiseshan, but this is the only place where he is standing which is unique.

    There are two Thayar sannidhi. One is Vaikundavalli Thayar and the other one Soranadha Nayaki Thayar. Teertham of this temple is Brugu teertham, River Thamirabarannnni, and Kalasa teertham.

    Other deities in the temple are Santhana Garudan, Krishnan, Lakshmi Narashiman, Manavala Mamuni, Thiru Venkatamudayan and Hanuman.

    Urchavar of the temple is known as Kallarbiran with Sridevi and Bhoodevi placed inside the sanctum in front of main deity.

    Purana says once rakshas Somukan took the Vedas from Brahma. To get back the Vedas Brahama penenced here and got it with lords blessings.

    There was a thief Karadushanan who used to give half of his wealth which he steals. Once he was arrested and put into jail when he tried to steal in palace. He thought of Vaikundanadhan at the time when he was caught.

    So Vaikundanadhan appeared as Karadushanan in front of King and discussed about principles, and created a good opinion about him. King thought he was a yogi at this time Lord revealed himself. King and the thief became friends and so here

    is known as Kallarbiran.
    There is a mandapam with pillars to which we see beautiful sculptures carved.

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