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Pancha Krishna Kshetram.

  1. Kavisthalam: Vishnu Temple.

    This is one of 108 divya desam and also known as pancha Krishna kshetram.The place is about 3kms from papanasam.

    Main Deity is Gajanderan Varadhan and his consort known as Ramamani valli thayar. Teertham is Gajandra pushkarani and Kapila teertham.

    Importance: When gajandra was caught by the crocodile while drinking water in the pond he took the name of lord Vishnu to rescue him, he surrendered himself with full dedication and vishnu was pleased and rescued Gajendra.

  2. Thiru kannagkudi Temple: Nagapattinam.

    The place Thiru Kannagkudi is about 14 km from Thiruvaroore. The place is also known as Krishnaranyam. This temple is One of 108 Divya Desam Temples. The temple is one of Pancha Krishna Kshetram. Other four Kshetram are Thiru kannamangai, Thiru Kannapurm, Thiru koviloore, and Kapi sthalam.

    The temple has a Raja Gopuram of five tiers. There Maha Mandapam Artha Mandapam and Main sanctum.

    Main Deity is Sri Lokanadha Perumal in standing posture with his consort Sridevi and Bhoodevi Thayar. Urchavar in this temple known as Damodhara Narayanan with his left hand rested to his hip. There is a separate sanctum for Thayar known as Lokanayaki Thayar and urchava thayar known as Aravindha valli

    Teertham is Sravana Pushkarani. There are about eight well inside the temple premises.
    Sthala Vruksham is Magizha Maram.

    Other deities seen in the temple as we go around the prakaram are Garudan, Ramar, Sri Manavala Ma Munigal, Udayavar, Azwar, Hanuman, Thirumangai Azwar and Madhura kavi Azwar.

    Importnce in the temple is Garudazwar is seen with his hands folded, water does not spring in the well and there is a tamarind tree, which is known as Urangapuli. Sthala vruksham Mgizha maram is always green.

    Stahla Puranam: Vasishta Muni made an idol of Krishna in butter and used to worship daily. Lord was pleased with his Bakthi, and Lord disguised as a small boy and took the idol in his hand and started running. Vasishta chased the small boy. Many other sages were meditating under the Magizha maram, by their intellectual power, were able to identify small boy as Lord Krishna, they tied Him with their Bakthi. Lord Krishna revealed himself to sages for their worship. Hence the place is known as Kannagkudi.

    One day Thirumangai Azwar stopped here on his way to Thiruvarangam. He was going there to do some renovation work for the temple. He was carring a Golden idol of Buddha Vigraham with him. He wanted to sleep for some time and he kept the idol hidden to earth under tamarind tree. He requested the tree to keep awake when he is sleeping. Next day when he woke up he saw the tree awake and he blessed the tree as Uranga puliye. From that day onwards the leaf of the plant does not sleep.

    Owner of the place came there to plough the place under the tamarind tree. Azwar said he cannot do so, and he claimed ownership. There was argument between the two and villagers started intruding. The original owner had the documents which he submitted before the villagers. Azwar asked one day time for him to get the documents.

    After the case was over Azwar felt thirst and asked for water to a women who was drawing water from well. The lady thought the person tried to claim the land of their villager and he seems to be a trouble maker and she refused to give him water. Azwar got angry and he cursed, as water will not spring in the well hereafter. From that day water level in the well is deep.

    Azwar was feeling hungry and he was praying to Lord of the temple under the Magizha Maram. Lord in disguise brought food for Azwar who was almost lost himself due to hunger. He ate the food and turned around to look for the person who has given meal for him. He did not find anyone around, Azwar thanked Lord for his meal and he blessed the Magizha Maram as Kaya Maram (to be always fresh).

    Mangla sasanam by Thirumangai Azwar

  3. Thirukanna Mangai: Bakthavatsala perumal and Abisheka valli thayar.

    The place Thirukanna Mangai is about 7 kms from Thiruvarore on River Vettaru. The place is known as Krishnaranyam.

    The temple main Raja gopuram is of five tiers and two prakaram. This is one of 108 Divaya Desam temples. Thiru Mangai Azwar praised perumal of this place and sung about Him.

    As we enter through main entrance to one side, we see sanctum for Manavala ma munigal and opposite side sanctum for Azhwar.

    There is a Dwajasthambam and Garuda sannidhi seen.

    We have to climb few steps to enter into Artha mandapam which leads to main sanctum of Bakthavatsala perumal.

    Main deity is Bakthavatsala Perumal in standing posture, seen with Sridevi and Bhoodevi thayar facing east.

    As we proceed to go around the temple this is side view of the main sanctum

    As we go around the prakaram we see separate sanctum for Abisheka Valli thayar to south west corner.

    To north west direction there is a separate sanctum for Andal.

    Paramapadha vasal(entrance) of the temple is seen to north side.

    We see Desikar sannidhi as we proceed with going around the prakaram

    There is a separate sanctum seen for Kodhanda Ramar. Hayagreevaris seen near the north entrance of temple.

    Pushkarani is seen in front of the temple known as Darshna pushkarani.
    sthala Vruksham is Magizha maram.

    Importance Romesa muni and Vrunan worshiped perumal and were blessed. The water from Darshna pushkarani was used by perumal, for the purpose of abishekam to thayar, to take her as his consort ( pattamahisi ) Hence thayar here known as Abisheka Valli Thayar.

    Brahama advised Chandra to take bath in the pushkarani and surrender him to perumal, to be relieved out Guru Bagawan curse on him. He was blessed by perumal and got back his glory.

    This is the birth place of Thiru kannamangai Andan, who is follower of Nadha munigal.
    He spent his life worshiping perumal of this place and attained moksha.

  4. Thiru Kannapuram Sowriraja perumal temple:

    Thiru kannapuram is one of 108 Divya Desa temples. The temple is one of five Krishnaranya Kshetram. The place is about 8 kms east of Nanilam, located in-between River Thirumalaryan and Vettaru.

    The main Raja Gopuram is seven storeys and pushkarani is seen in front of the temple. Steps are provided to all four sides of pushkarani for devotee’s convenience.

    Main Deity is Thiru Neelamega perumal in standing posture with Sridevi and Bhoodevi Thayar to either Side. Urchavar is known as Sowriraja perumal.
    Kannapura Nayaki thayar is seen in separate sanctum.

    As we go around the main sanctum we see Azwar, Veebishanan, and Sri Raman sanctum. There is a separate sanctum for Udayavar to north side of Pushkarani.

    Importance: This is one of five Krishnaranya Kshetram. The rest four are Thirukovaloore, Thiru kannankudi, Thiru kavithalam, and Thiru Kannamangi.

    The place is also known as "Srimadha shadakshra maha mantra siddhi kshetram". This place is considered as one of Mukthy giving sthalam and known as Keezhai Vedu by Pandits of olden days. Thirumangai Azwar was blessed with Thiru Mantra Upadesam.

    Purana says King Upasarivasu performed Aswameda yaga and was blessed with a female child, who was named as Padmini. As she grew, she turned out to be a beautiful girl. Padmini meditated in this place to seek the hands of Perumal as her life partner. Sowriraja Perumal was happy with her devoation and dedication. He fulfilled her wish.

    There is story related to Perumal. One day Archakar of the temple, as a gesture handed over the garland which was on, Sowriraja Perumal, to the King who visited the temple. The King saw a lengthy hair string to the garland. He was surprised and questioned about this. Archakar said it was the hair of the perumal.

    King did not believe it and asked his men to check and find the truth. Kings men tried to pluck the hair of Perumal in main sanctum. When they did so blood splashed, and King worried for his act. He prayed to perumal of this temple to forgive him. Perumal protected his devotee, the Archakar whose words came true. From then, perumal here is known as Sowriraja Perumal.

    Sowriraja perumal is seen with prayoga chakkra in his hands. The place is considered as Bhoolokha vaikundam. There is no separate door/ entrance, in the temple as Swarga vassal and there is no vimana darshanam in the temple.

  5. Thiru koiloore: Thiruvikramar Temple.

    The place Thiru koiloore is about 36 kms from Vizhupuram. This temple is one of the Divaya Desam temples of Nadu Nadu. This is one of the Pancha Krishna Kshetram. The other four are Thiru Kannamangai, Kapisthalam, Thiru kannagkudi, Thiru Kannapuram.

    Main Raja Gopuram is of eleven tiers.

    As we enter inside Garuda Kambam is seen in front.

    Main deity is Swayambu Thiruvikramar of wood, in standing Posture with his right leg lifted up to side. Thayar of the temple is known as Poongkovai Nachiar. Lord Brahma is seen worshiping the feet raised up. Urchavar, here in this temple is known as Kovalan (Gopalan). There is a separate sanctum for Krishna made of Saligrama stone.

    Sthala Vruksham is Punnai. Teertham is River Penna, Krishna Teertham, and Chakkra teertham.

    It is Sri Chakkra Vimanam under which Lord Thiruvikarama perumal is seen in the sanctum. Other deities seen as we go around the prakaram are Venugopalan, Lakshmi Narayanan, Lakshmi Ragavan, Lakshmi Narashimar, Ramar, Veera Anjaneyar, Andal, Sukrachariyar and Swayambu Durgai.

    Sthala puranam: King Mahabali performed a Yagam, with the guidance of Asura Guru Sukarachariyar so that he can be the first person in fame and status. Lord Vishnu wanted to destroy his ego and teach him a lesson. Lord Vishnu, came to Yagasala as a short person Vamana, and sought for three steps of his leg as Bhodanam from King Mahabali.
    Guru Sukrachariar with his powers knew it was Lord Vishnu who is in the form of Vamana. So Guru prevented King from giving Land for Vamana. King Mahabali did not give ears to his Guru’s word and decided to give three foot of Land to Vamana. When he revealed his wish to give land to Vamana, Lord took Viswaroopam to claim three foot of Land. With His one leg the whole of earth was measured and the second step He measured space and asked the place to measure the third step. Now King Mahabali's ego left him and he requested Lord Vamana to place his leg on his head. When King Mahabali was about to pour water in the hands of Lord, Guru Sukracharya took the form of Bee and tried to stop the flow of water falling into Lord’s hands. Lord Vishnu with grass tried to clear the block. Guru Sukracharya lost his eyesight by the grass piercing his eyes. Lord by putting his foot on the head of Mahabali he was pushed down to Pathala Lokam. Since his ego was destroyed. In his extreme delight, to bless King Mahabali, Lord Vamana, appeared with conch in His left hand and Chakkra in His right hand, which is reverse to his Narashima Avatara to bless Prahaladha.Here, lord is also known as Ulgalandha Perumaal, which means one who measured the Universe.

    Mrugandu Maharishi approached Lord Brahma to guide him to have the Viswaroopa Darshan of Lord Vishnu. Brahma suggested him to worship Lord Vishnu at Krishna Kshetra which is now known as Thiru koviloore on the banks of Krishnabadra River (River Penna). Maharishi with his wife Mitravathi started his penance.

    Lord in guise as an old Brahamin appeared in front of them and asked for Biksha. They did not have any grain to offer the old Brahmin. Mitravathi at this point took bowl in hand and prayed to Lord Narayanar to fill the bowl with food if she was a good wife of Maharishi. The bowl was filled with food and Lord showed His Viswaroopa Darshan to the couple.

    Once Poigai Azhwar visited this place and sought a place to rest at night as it was raining heavily. Later Boodhat Azhwar reached the same place to rest. The place was so small that one can sleep, two can sit and three can stand. Two Azhwars shared the place and sat together. After some time Peryazhwar also came to the same place to take rest. Now the two Azhwars shared the place with third Azhwar by, three of them standing. Suddenly they were squeezed and felt some fourth person joining them in the darkness. It was Lord himself who joined them and granted His darshan for all three Azhwars who sang Hymns on him in which they described the darshan of Lord was like a lamp to give light in the darkness. The three Azhwars attained Moksha in this place.

    Nalayira Divya Prabandham sung by Azwars was started from this place. Vishnu Duragai is seen in the prakaram. Durga Matha is praised by Thirumangai Azhwar in one of her verses sung against Lord Vishnu.

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