Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thiru Kurungkudi Temple, Thirunelveli.

  1. Thiru Kurungkudi: Vamana Kshetram.

    This is one of 108 Divaya Desam Temple.
    The place Kurungkudi is 47 kms from Thirunelveli Town.
    The main Gopuram is of five storeys and five prakarams.

    Main deity is known as Sri Azhagiya Nambi, with Sridevi and Bhoodevi.
    Kurugkudivalli Thayar is seen in different sanctum.

    Here we see in the prakaram Nidra Nambi and Kidantha Nambi in separate sanctums. In-between the two sanctums there is a sanctum for Lord Siva and Bairavar also.

    Purana Says, during the time of Varaha Avatar Lord stayed with Sridevi and Bhoodevi in this place for sometime, and he shrunk his huge size to small one so the place came to be known as Kurungkudi.

    There is a place known as Mahendragiri to west of Kurungkudi, where lived a backward cast person named Nambaduvan. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Nindra Nambi and used to visit temple and worship from outside. Those days backward class people were not allowed inside the temple.

    One day when he was on his way to temple, and he was stopped by an asura to have him as meal. Nambaaduvan requested the Asura to allow him to worship, Lord Nindra Nambi and then he will be back to be a meal for him. Asura did not believe his words, so Nambaaduvan promised on the name of Lord. Asura left him.

    On his way to temple Nambaaduvan thought probably this was his last visit to temple; as usual he worshipped Lord from out side the main entrance. He was sad about not having the darshan of Lord for this lifetime.

    The Dwajasthambam moved a little away, for him to have the glimpse of Nindra Nambi. Nambaaduvan had a good drshan and he left the place to meet Asura as per the promise he gave. Lord as an old brahmin met him on his way back and asked him to divert his route, but Nambaaduvan refused to do so.

    He was strict in keeping to his words, and old Brahmin was not able to convince him so he revealed himself to Nambaaduvn. When he went to Asura, place he said he is not feeling hungry, but I want the blessing which you acquired from Lord. Nambaaduvan refused to give him; asura said he should give him at least quarter portion for him to get out of this Asura form.

    Asura was back to his normal form by Nambaaduvan’s help. This was on an Ekadasi day which is named as Kaisika Ekadasi. Even now they play the story of Kaisika puranam as a drama.

    This is the mukthi place of Thirumangai Azwar. Lord was born as Namazwar in this place to the couple, Kari and his wife Udaya Nangayar. Acharya Ramanujar called out Vaduga Nambi as he used to call his deciple. Nindra Nambi came as Vaduga Nambi and helped him with his hand box.

    Ramanujar went inside to worship Lord inside the sanctum at this time Vaduga Nambi crossed him went inside the temple first. When Ramanujar went inside he did not see Vaduga Nambi following him and he understood that Nindra nimbi was acting as Vaduga Nambi all these while.

    So, perumal here, known as Vaduga Nambi from then.

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