Thursday, February 04, 2010

Soranadha Perumal of Nava Thirupathy, Perungkulam, Thirunelveli.

  1. Perungkulam: Nava Thirupathy temple.

    This place is one of the 108 Divya Desam temples and Sani sthalam for Navagrha sthalam.

    This place is about 10 kms distance from Sri Vaikundam town, on the banks of River Thamirabarani.

    There is a pushkarani near the temple. To the right side there is Sreenivasar sanctum with Hanuman. We see Dwajasthaambam as we enter inside. There is a sanctum for Manavala ma munigal.

    Main deity is Sreenivasan known as Soranadha Perumal in standing posture and thayar, Alarmelmangai and Kulandhaivalli thayar.

    Perumal has Prayaoga chakkra and Sanku in two upper hands and the other two as Varadha hastham pointing towards his feet (surrender to him) and other as Kadi Hastham touching his knee.

    Urchavar is known as Maya Koothan, with Sridevi and Bhoodevi. Teertham is Prungkulam teertham. Here Garudan is seen along with perumal

    Purana: Once the place was known as Thadaga Vanam. A brhimin named Vedasaran worshipped Soranadha Perumal here for a child. With the blessings of Perumal he had a child and named her Kamalavathy.

    As she grew old he wanted her to get married. Kamalavathy was not interested in getting married and leading a normal life, so she left to forest to penance and marry the Lord himself.

    Perumal was pleased with her penance and accepted her as his consort. The forest is known as Balika vanam.

    Once, Vedasaran’s wife Kumudavalli was kidnapped by an asura. Vedasaran was worried and pleaded perunmal to help him. Perumal wanted to help his devotee, so he killed the asura and danced on him hence, he was called as Soranadha Perumal.

    Brahaspathi and Vedasaran worshipped perumal of this place and were blessed.

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  1. you have amazing knowledge of the lord, which am sure is the lord's gift to you. I'm still am confused about jiva and atma. can you please write a blog that describes this difference.

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