Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vanama malai Perumal Temple, Nanguneri, Thirunelveli.

  1. Nanguneri Vanamamalai Perumal Temple

    This is one of 108 Divya Desam. The temple is about 1500 BC, years old and later it was renovated by Pandya and Nayakar kings. This is a Swayamvektha Ksheram.

    The place is about 33 kms to south of Thirunelveli.
    The place is also known as Sri Varamangai, Totadri kshetram

    Main deity is Swayam vektha Vanamalai Perumal, with Sridevi and Bhoodevi in sitting posture. Urchavar is known as DevainayakanThayar Serivara mangai Nachiar is seen in different sanctum. Indra Pushkarani is the holy pushkarani of this place.

    We see other deities like Chakkratt azwar, Lakshmi, Sri Ramar, Andal, Garudan, Azwars, udayavar, Venu gopalan, and Manavalama munigal, in seperate sanctums as we go round the temple prakaram.

    Purana says when Asurs Madhu and Kaitapan were killed, their blood spread over the earth and started stinking. Bhooma Devi lost her purity, and she started meditating about Perumal who was pleased with her prayers, and he gave his darshan to her in Vaikunda Vimanam at this place. She was purified by Lord’s darshan.

    King of Sindhu land was cursed by Kusasana Muni, and he was roaming like a dog. Finally it reached this place and had a dip in the Chetru Thamarai Pushkarani. (Pushkarani with lotus flowers and the water is muddy). The dog came to its original form and worshipped here.

    The urchava idol of Thayar was in the temple of Vada Venkatam. Once they were arranging for marriage celebration of Venkatesa Perumal with the urchava idol. Sri Varamangai came in the dream of Sri jeeyar swamigal, and told him she is consort of Vanama malai Perumal.

    Sri Ramanuja jeeyar brought the urchava idol to this place and celebrated the marriage utsavam of Sri Vanamalai Perumal and Sri Varamangai

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